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A Weekend in Devon

Clovelly Devon

Clovelly Devon


Clovelly Devon

This weekend I went to Devon with my fiance, his sister and her husband. We went September last year too and it is starting to become an annual thing now. We set off on Thursday evening and didn’t arrive until midnight as we were diverted twice on the way there.

On Friday we went to Clovelly, where the above photos were taken. It is a lovely little town on the cliffside and is on the steepest of hills. The townspeople use sledges for any deliveries and to move anything as vehicles can’t get through the town. Some houses have been set up to look as they would have in the early 20th century and you can wander around them and see how people used to live. The town has a lot of history that is fascinating to learn about and we spent pretty much the whole day there.

Watersmeet Devon


Watersmeet Devon
Afternoon Tea
Saturday dawned and the weather was considerably worse than Fridays. We decided to go to Lynton and Lynmouth and have fish and chips and a cream tea. The fish and chips were a bit of a disappointment as we tried somewhere new this time and let’s just say that we won’t be returning there anytime soon! However the cream tea at Watersmeet House was amazing. You can see in the picture above that the scones were huuuuuge and they gave you 2 per person! You have to walk down a forest path to get to Watersmeet House and it’s a struggle to climb back up when you are full to the brim of scones and tea.
Ilfracombe Devon
Sunday was probably the best day weather wise which is typical as this is the day we were leaving. We got up early, packed the car up and ventured into Ilfracombe for the morning. We walked through town to the harbour with an ice cream from the Hocking’s van (you have to try this if you are ever in Devon, it’s to die for!). Before we left we stocked up on Roly’s fudge which is the most melt in the mouth fudge I have ever tasted.
After that it was sadly time to travel back. It was a lovely relaxing weekend and we have vowed to return again soon. I can’t wait already!

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