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The Love/Hate Tag

I’ve been nominated to do The Love/Hate Tag by the lovely Dani from Simply Courageous. Thanks for the nomination Dani. This tag requires you to list 10 things that you hate and 10 things that you love. I love to read posts like this on blogs as it gives you an insight into the person behind the blog.

It was actually harder than I thought it would be to try and list 10 things I love and hate. It took me ages to think of 10 things I hate and I had more than 10 things I love! I’ve managed to get 10 of each now, so without further ado here are my lists.

10 Things I Love 

1. Reading – I have always loved reading since I was a child and couldn’t imagine not being able to sit down with a good book and a cup of tea to relax. I love getting lost in another world and being swept away into a world of magic, fantasy, history or even romance occasionally.

2. That ‘New Car’ Smell – I love getting into a new car and smelling the new interior. It’s a hard smell to describe but I love it. I actually picked my new car up yesterday and it smells amazing!

3. Chocolate, Biscuits and Cakes – I have a major sweet tooth and I can even eat an entire pack of chocolate digestives in one go! I try not to but sometimes you just have to treat yourself, you know?! I’m one of those people that will always order desert at a restaurant instead of a starter and I always have to have something sweet after my dinner.

4. Blogging – I haven’t been blogging that long really but I love it already. The thing I love the most about it is the friends you make. It’s nice to have a conversation with like minded people about beauty products, blog traffic, etc. I also love writing content, much more so than photography.

5. Family Time – There’s nothing better than spending a day/evening with your family. Whether it’s a meal out, going to the cinema or a night in, I love to spend time with my family and really treasure the moments we spend together.

6. Music – Listening to music is an essential for me, no matter what I’m doing. I’ll listen to it in the car, while I’m doing housework, in the bath, while blogging and everywhere else too! I like to have a soundtrack to whatever I’m doing and if I’m doing something tedious like cleaning the bathroom it makes the time go so much quicker if I’m dancing around to Guns N Roses.

7. Going To The Theatre – I really enjoy going to watch plays at the theatre. I usually go with my mum and we have a nice girlie night and a couple of drinks. We’ve seen quite a few ballets and we’ve recently been going to see plays too. Our next one is Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, I’m so excited to see that. Occasionally my dad and A will come with us too if it’s one that they’re interested in seeing and we’re all going to the panto this year as it’s Beauty and the Beast (my favourite Disney film).

8. Skincare – I love applying lotions and potions and looking after my skin. Whenever I do my skincare routine it makes me feel really relaxed and happy that I’m taking care of my skin. I like to keep up to date with the latest formulas and miracle creams, as I’m always looking for new ways to improve my skin. I’m currently trying to remember to moisturise my body everyday, as I’m not as consistent with that.

9. Yoga – I’ve only been recently getting into yoga but I’m really liking it. I like that I can feel myself getting stronger but I don’t have to do endless sets of squats, lunges and push-ups at the gym. I don’t like any sort of workout that’s repetitive as I get bored easy so the steady flow of movement from one position to the next really suits me.

10. Cosy Nights In – I love a night in snuggled under a blanket with A, watching films or playing Xbox with a takeaway and some drinks (this is actually what I’ll be doing tonight!). Even though I do love a good night out, I’d much rather stay in and relax. Especially in the winter as it’s too cold to go out anyway. 

10 Things I Hate

1. Bad Manners – I really hate it when you hold the door open for someone and they don’t say thank you. Or if someone knocks into you and then doesn’t apologise. It really makes my blood boil as good manners don’t cost anything.

2. Bad Drivers – I have really bad road rage. When people cut me up or go too slow for the speed limit, I get really annoyed. My language can get quite colourful when I’m driving, so if you ever end up in a car with me I apologise in advance!

3. Thin-Nibbed Pens – This sounds like a strange one but when I’m writing I like to have a sturdy nibbed pen, that doesn’t feel like it’s going to break on me when I put pressure on it. I also hate that scratchy feeling that thin nibs give you while writing, like it’s trying to rip through the paper.

4. Cleaning The Bathroom – Urgh. Cleaning the bathroom is such a tedious, boring chore and it’s hard to keep clean as well. It also takes ages because we have a tiled floor, so I have to scrub that too. I can never get the water marks off the shower screen either, which really annoys me and as soon as someone jumps in the shower it’s dirty again anyway.

5. Self-Centred People – I would say I’m quite a down to earth person. I do give myself credit for certain things where it’s due but overall I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, so I really can’t stand people who only talk about themselves. I don’t mind if they’re letting me know about something they’ve achieved but I hate it when people keep bringing the conversation back round to them and what they’ve done all the time, especially if you’ve been told the same story a dozen times already.

6. Waiting For Your Phone Battery To Die – My phone seems to run out of battery really quickly… until it gets to 1% and then it lasts 4 hours! I don’t like to keep charging my phone up just for the sake of it so I always try to let it die and it’s always that last 1% of battery that hangs on and seems to take forever to drain. It’s usually just before I’m going to bed and want to put my phone on charge overnight that I have to sit and wait for ages.

7. Chipped Nail Varnish – I can’t stand when my nail varnish chips, but also half the time I really can’t be bothered to take it off. So it just sits on my nails and looks crap for days before I finally can’t stand it any longer and dive for the nail polish remover.

8. Rain – Rain is just a nuisance. It ruins my hair, makes my make up run and gets my clothes wet. It’s not a good look when you go into work and need to look respectable and you end up looking like a drowned rat! I don’t mind it as much when I don’t have to go anywhere but it usually pisses it down just as I’m ready to go out the door.

9. Small Spaces – When I’m in a really tiny space I can get a little claustrophobic, especially if I can’t see the exit or a way out. I’m not too bad in that I don’t have panic attacks or anything that bad, I just don’t like it and tend to get a little flustered.

10. When People Talk Through Films – I love films and I’m the sort of person that likes to really immerse myself in the story and characters, so when I’m watching a film and someone keeps asking questions about what’s going to happen next or whose that person then it really annoys me. If they just sat quietly and concentrated then they wouldn’t need to ask questions! I get even more annoyed by this if I’m watching a thriller as I really like to try and work out who did it and I can’t do that with people asking silly questions all the time! Sorry, rant over!

Thanks again Dani for nominating me as I really enjoyed doing this tag. I nominate the two lovely girls below to do this tag next. Also check out their blogs too!

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