Organic Beauty Week Buys
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Organic Beauty Week Buys

Last week was Organic Beauty Week and a lot of brands had offers on over the course of the week. I love a good bargain and as you may already know (because I haven’t mentioned this 100 times before!) I’m switching my beauty stash to include more natural and organic products, so I thought I would take advantage of some of the offers. I’ve put together a little post of all the things I picked up and my first impressions. I may do full reviews of some of these products in the future once I’ve had time to properly use them.

I found out via Annabel’s post that Inika were doing a fabulous offer in September where you buy a Mineral Foundation Powder and get a free Blush Puff Pot. I went straight to the site but alas it wasn’t there and no one seemed to know when it was happening. Then I had an email from Inika last Monday about the offer for Organic Beauty Week and lo and behold it was the free Blush Puff Pot offer – I may have done a little squeal when I read it.  I placed my order straight away and I also added the Certified Organic Eyeliner as you get free delivery if you spend over £30 – I always use black kohl eyeliner so thought I’d stock up. I waited (not so) patiently for my order to arrive and the delivery was quite quick – it only took about 3 days. I’ve also just noticed that this offer is still active now so make sure you go grab it!
I ordered the Mineral Foundation Powder in Nurture as on the website it said it was suited to most white skin tones, so I played it safe. I’ve been using this for the past week or so and I really like it. It’s a nice colour match and it sits on the skin really well. I find that it is more of a medium coverage than a full coverage foundation but that may be the brush I’m using to apply it, so I’m going to experiment with different brushes. 

The Blush Puff Pot I chose was Rosy Glow and I thought this would go better with my skin tone. I found this quite hard to get working as you have to keep pushing the powder puff down until the product comes out but once I got it working oh my goodness! The colour is amazing and the application is so easy as you just pat this onto your cheeks and it dispenses just the right amount. I’m definitely in love!

Certified Organic Eyeliner in Black Caviar is also really good as it’s a lovely creamy texture and glides on really well. It also has a sharpener on the end too which is really handy.

Love Lula
I received an email from Love Lula saying that they were offering 15% of all orders that included a Soil Association certified product, so naturally I couldn’t resist!

The first thing I was looking for was a moisturiser and after some digging around on the internet a lot of people had recommended the Therapi Honey skincare line. I chose the Orange Blossom moisturiser for normal skin. I love the packaging, it has a really cute bee motif on the top of the lid and it is a plain white pot which looks and feels really expensive. The product itself is quite a thick cream, which I personally love as I feel like it’s protecting my skin more but it also sinks in really well and I’m able to apply my make up pretty much straight after.

I had also been recommended to try PH Ethical Beauty by Steph from The Zombie Said and she said her favourite products were their serums and mascara. My mascara was actually running out anyway so I picked up their black mascara and I also chose the Hydrating Gel Serum with Organic Argan & Chamomile. It took me quite a while to decide between this and the Brightening Gel Serum with Organic White Birch & Frankinsence but in the end the Argan one won out as this is meant to improve radiance anyway along with hydrating the skin. I’ve only had one serum before this one so can’t really compare it to others but I can say that this smooths on easily and sinks into my skin within seconds – I need to work really quickly to get it spread all over my face as it sinks in instantly. It has a nice aroma to it too. The Black All-In-One Mascara is amazing so far. It makes my lashes really dark and long just with the first coat and once I’ve applied the second one they look even better. The only thing I would say is the formula is quite wet so I did manage to get it all over my eyelid on the first application but I’m getting used to it the more I use it. It’s definitely a thumbs up from me.

So that’s what I picked up for Organic Beauty Week. I think I’m pretty much set now for green skincare basics – the only thing I need to pick up is a good mask but I’m broke now until payday and October will be an expensive month as it’s both mine and A’s birthdays (interesting fact: they’re only 4 days apart) so that will probably have to be a November purchase. If you’d like full reviews on any of these products let me know in the comments below.

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