Bee Good Award Winners Gift Pack
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Bee Good Award Winners Gift Pack

I picked this up last week when I was putting in a Love Lula Order. I needed a new morning cleanser and had heard nothing but good things about the Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser, so I thought I’d try it. When searching for it on the website I came across the Bee Good Award Winners Gift Pack, which includes a 30ml Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser, a muslin cloth and a 10ml Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm. I liked the idea of this as it’s a good way to try a product before buying the full size and you get a lip balm with it too for only £9.50 (and you can never have too many lip balms!). It’s also a brilliant way to explore a new brand.

The cleanser is a lovely rich cream that is a joy to apply – it feels so luxurious on the skin. I use roughly a 10p sized amount and that is easily enough to cover my whole face and neck, so even the 30ml will last me quite a while. It rinses off easily and doesn’t leave any residue behind, it just leaves my face feeling really clean. As this is a cream my face feels really supple afterwards and doesn’t feel in the slightest bit dry at all, which is perfect for this time of year – the cold weather dries my skin out enough, without using a drying cleanser too! I’m afraid I can’t vouch for how well this removes make up as I use this solely in the morning and use a balm cleanser to remove my make up at night, but I’ve heard that it does a really good job at removing make up.

The lip balm is my favourite of the two products. It has a gel like consistency that melts on contact with the lips leaving a thin coat of product that isn’t too thick or sticky in any way. My lips feel better as soon as I apply this and after continuous application there’s not a dry patch in sight. It has a subtle vanilla scent that isn’t too strong and after a few minutes disappears completely – I would prefer the scent to stick around a little longer as I really like it. The packaging is what makes this a perfect product for me, as it’s much more hygienic and convenient throughout the winter. I’ve stopped taking my Chain Bridge Honey Lip Balm out with me (it’s still a firm favourite on my bedside table) as that’s in a pot that you have to dip your finger in. I don’t mind too much in the summer but once winter hits, the gloves come out and there’s more germs around, I much prefer something I can slick on quickly when I’m out and about with no faffing around.

This set is a really good way to try out the brand if you’ve been curious about Bee Good like I was. I will be repurchasing both of these in the future as they’re such good quality products but without the high end price tag.

Have you tried any Bee Good products before?

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