Lee Stafford Coco Loco Balm
Beauty, Haircare

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Balm & Lotion

I’ve noticed haircare products have been a bit scarce around these parts lately, so let’s rectify that situation now with two products I’ve been using regularly. I’ve been consciously trying to take better care of my hair and I picked up these Lee Stafford Coco Loco products just before Christmas, as I love Lee Stafford products and I also love anything that has Coconut in it. I ‘m a big fan of anything that nourishes and smoothes hair, as my hair can be quite frizzy and flyaway if left to it’s own devices, so I definitely need all the help I can get in that department.

The Coco Loco Blow & Go Genius Lotion is something you use before blow drying your hair. I towel dry my hair as much as possible once getting out the shower and then I apply an olive sized amount of product and run it through the middle and ends of my hair. I dry my hair upside down to give it that extra bit of volume meaning it can get tangled and messy, but this really helps to smooth my hair and it isn’t half as tangled after using this lotion. I’ve noticed while styling that my hair is much more manageable and the end result is more refined without my hair being weighed down. This is a really lightweight lotion especially considering the amount of moisture it packs in.

The real star of these two products in my opinion is the Coco Loco Coconut Balm. It says that you can apply this to wet or dry hair, but I prefer to apply it to dry hair. I use this as the final step in my styling routine, running it through the ends of my hair and smoothing over any flyaways. I scoop out a nail sized amount and then rub between my hands so that it melts into an oily texture. This doesn’t leave my hair at all greasy, it just makes my hair look sleek and perfected. I also find I can apply this everyday, as it’s that light on my hair. It leaves an amazing smell that lingers throughout the day, making my hair smell lovely and fresh.

I love both of these products but my favourite is the Coconut Balm. By using both of these for a couple of months I’ve noticed that my hair looks and feels much healthier. My hair still has a way to go before it’s as nourished as I’d like but it’s getting there. I need a good hair mask to add into my routine and I’m considering picking up the Coconut Mask from this range to try. The Coconut Spritz also looks amazing and imagine how nice my hair would smell if I used all of these together!

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