Empty Casket 1

Empty Casket Jewellery

Today I want to let you know about a brilliant new shop I found via Instagram: Empty Casket. They’re a jewellery store that specialise in witchy jewellery and stock everything from chokers to rings and even a few trinkets too, all at great prices. I can’t remember exactly whose Instagram I first saw the competition on, but Empty Casket ran a competition to win a £50 voucher and someone I follow had posted it on their feed. I had a browse through their site and instantly fell in love with everything! There was one thing that caught my eye that I HAD to have and I ordered it straight away.

Til Death Ring


Say hello to the Sterling Silver & Garnet ‘Till Death’ Ring. Isn’t it beautiful? This immediately caught my eye as it reminded me of Kat Von D’s engagement ring, when she was engaged to Deadmau5. I remember seeing that and thinking I need a ring like that, but I couldn’t find one at the time. A couple of years later and this beauty pops up on my screen. They also do the same ring but with a Smoky Quartz stone, which I think I might need to invest in soon.

The ring is made of 925 sterling silver and consists of a garnet stone held in place by 4 claws, with 2 skulls playing sentinel either side. Garnet is meant to promote good health & wellbeing and encourage hope in hopeless situations, It’s also said to enhance your love life and sex drive, so if you feel like you’re lacking in that area you may want to pick one of these up yourself!

I highly rate Empty Casket’s customer service. I originally ordered this ring in a size N thinking it would fit and it was too big, so I got in touch with Lucy at Empty Casket and asked if I could swap it for a size L instead. She said that was fine and I sent the N back and the L was with me within a few days – it fits perfectly.

Til Death Ring


This really is a gorgeous piece of jewellery. It’s solid silver, so it feels nice and sturdy on your finger and not as if it’s going to break if you accidentally knock it. I love statement rings and I love that this is bold but also really girly too. The garnet adds a nice bit of colour and really makes the ring stand out. I’ve not seen anything else like this before and at only £35 too – such a bargain for a great quality piece.
From what I understand these sell out fast, so I’d be quick if you want to get your hands on one. Or even better grab one of each stone and treat yourself. I’ll definitely be picking up more things from them in the future, when I have some spare cash. I’ve linked some of my favourite pieces from them below if you’re looking for some more inspiration. What are you waiting for?
Happy Shopping!
** Side note: this isn’t a sponsored post or anything I just really love all their jewellery and wanted to let you guys in on the secret!

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