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Barry M Sunset Nail Paints

Last weekend I added to my collection of Barry M Sunset Nail Paints and remembered how much I actually love them, so I thought today I would share the love with you guys. I picked up ‘Dark Side of The Shroom’ and ‘Plum On Baby’ as Superdrug had an offer on. It was ‘Dark Side Of The Shroom’ that caught my eye as it’s the loveliest mauve shade and it gave me all the heart eye emojis – I just had to have it!

The idea behind these nail polishes is that by using the Sunset Nail Paints first and then using the Sunset Daylight Curing Top Coat over the top it gives you gel effect nails without having to cure them with a UV Lamp – as suggested in the name the topcoat cures the nails with the use of daylight instead. I can vouch that this system does give your nails a lovely finish and they look like gel nails, but without having to fork out the money for a real gel manicure. They’re really easy to use too – you just use the coloured nail polish first and apply 1 or 2 coats of this, depending on how deep you want the colour, and then apply the Sunset Top Coat over the top – simple. It’s worth noting though that you can only use the Sunset Top Coat with the Sunset Nail Paints. The top coat won’t work if you use it with any other nail polishes.

These nail polishes have an amazing lasting power. I find that I can get a good 5 days wear out of these without any chipping and then I only tend to get a couple of chips after that. Obviously they don’t last as long as real gel nails, but on the plus side they’re a damn sight easier to get off! Hey, you can’t have everything right?!

Barry M have really outdone themselves with this line of nail polishes. They’re easily the most long-lasting nail polishes I’ve tried and they don’t break the bank either at only £4,99 per polish – much cheaper than going to the salon.

Have you tired these nail polishes before?

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