Botanicals Spa Detox Oil
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Botanicals Spa Detox Aromatic Body Oil

I was very kindly sent the Botanicals Spa Detox Aromatic Body Oil* to try out last week and after using this continously every day since I’ve had it I thought it was time to do a review and let you guys know what I think.

The Botanicals Spa Detox Aromatic Body Oil* is the latest addition to Botanicals’ Massage Oils Spa Detox Collection. This oil contains a mix of essential oils to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins, strengthen capillaries and discourage fluid retention. The Spa Detox Oil is 100% natural and 99% organic meaning it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or artificial colours or fragrances. I also recently found out that Botanicals is a cruelty free brand too, which is becoming more important to me lately but I’ll mention more about that in another post.

This is such a lovely oil. It smells of lavender and has a lovely relaxing aroma to it. Whenever I use this it instantly makes me feel calm, which is why I like to use this at night just after I get out the shower, so I feel nice and calm before I go to bed. I’ve used this every day for a few days now and my skin loves this stuff. The skin on my legs is always dry and I find it hard to keep them nourished, but with this I can already see the difference. My skin now looks much more radiant and isn’t scaly any more – lovely, I know! Even when I’ve been in the shower my skin doesn’t resort back to being really dry, like it usually does and it’s much more moisturised in general. It’s eliminated my dull winter skin completely and I can even see signs that it’s helping with my cellulite, although I need to use it for longer to see the full effects of this.

The whole experience of using this is great and it’s definitely something I’d recommend picking up. I’m going to make sure I keep using this up until when I go on holiday to Florida, so that my skin is prepped and ready for when I get my shorts and t-shirts out. It’s a little pricey at £12.50 for 50 ml but you really don’t need a lot of oil to cover your body, so it will last you a long time and personally I don’t mind paying a bit more for a product that works.

Will you be investing in a bottle of this?

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