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I’ve been loving my cleansers lately and I have quite a few on rotation at the moment. Nothing beats coming home from a long day at work and removing all my make up and the grime of the day. I never used to really like cleansing but it’s now become one of my favourite parts of my routine. I have quite a big collection at the moment and I pick which one to use depending on how my skin feels at the time. Here’s the ones that currently have a place on my bathroom shelf.

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser – £5.99
This is the newest cleanser I’ve added to my collection. I’ve only used this a handful of times, but I like it so far. It’s a cream cleanser which makes it super quick to use and it also removes make up too. I like to massage this in and then put a hot flannel (but not too hot!) over my face for a couple of minutes to really clean out my pores – it feels amazing and leaves my skin so soft and smooth. My skin does seem a bit brighter immediately after I’ve used this too. I can’t vouch for the long-term brightening claims at the moment, but I’ll keep you updated.

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm – £12.95
I would say this is one of the best all round cleansers. It can be used morning and night, removes make up well and is great for your skin. It’s an oil based cleanser and melts between the heat of your fingers for easy application. It’s the smoothest cleanser that I have and it’s such a pleasure to massage into my face, removing all my make up easily in one go. You only have to use a small amount of this so the pot will last absolutely ages, making it great value for money.

Balm Balm Frankincense Deep Cleansing Balm – £9.00
Just look how cute that pot is – it’s adorable. I tried the small pot first as I wasn’t sure whether my skin would like this and I think it’s a great idea to offer a smaller size too. It’s also great for travelling as there is plenty of product in the tub and it’s small and compact so it won’t take up much room. This is very much like the Lyonsleaf balm in texture but it’s slightly grainier – this disappears when you massage it into your skin though and you can hardly feel it. It also has a slightly stronger scent to it, which I’m not too keen on personally. When I need to buy my next balm cleanser I would go with the Lyonsleaf one, as the smooth texture is better for my skin but this one is still a great cleanser.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel – Full review here – £29.50
This is probably my all time favourite. I was relieved when I found out that Oskia are cruelty free as I really didn’t want to have to stop buying this (even though they’re not certified I have done my own research and am satisfied that they are cruelty free but if anyone has any evidence to the contrary please let me know). This is the only gel cleanser I own and I really like the texture. My skin absolutely loves this cleanser and it’s brilliant at removing make up too. It’s definitely expensive and it runs out pretty quickly but the quality is something I’d happily pay for. I don’t replace it immediately every time I run out, but rather when I have some spare cash. It’s more of a treat for my skin then.

Lush Angels On Bare Skin – £6.95
I use this as a morning cleanser, as this is no good at removing make up. The texture of this is hard to get used to but once you have the hang of it it’s a great cleanser to have in your stash. I use this whenever I feel my skin is looking a little bleak and needs a pick me up. Once you add water to it it becomes a paste and you can then rub it over your skin. Due to the small particles in this it gently exfoliates your skin whilst cleansing, making my skin glow after using this. The exfoliation is only slight so this can be used on a daily basis without harming your skin.

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser – £4.99
An old faithful that I like to always have in my stash. As this is only £4.99 for 200ml this is one of the most cost effective cleansers I own – it’s usually on offer too. A simple cream cleanser that gets the job done without drying out your skin – it’s super gentle and will leave your face squeaky clean. Perfect for sensitive skin.

What’s your favourite cleanser? Are there any that I should add to my collection?

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