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Strong, Healthy Nails Courtesy Of Barry M

I’ve had acrylic nails quite a few times now and although they look great when they’re on, it’s the aftermath that always makes me regret getting them done. Luckily my nails are naturally strong and long and I’ve never been one for biting my nails, so when I do have them done it’s usually for special occasions or holidays. It’s when I come to take them off that the question of ‘why did I ever do this?’ comes up. It’s a little like having a tattoo in that after a while you forget about the pain/hassle as they look so darn pretty and you think it won’t be that bad, then BAM … you’re kicking yourself for not remembering the pain last time round! Although tattoos are always worth the pain!!

The last time I had acrylics I actually found a way to make my nails look nice and strong after I’d removed them and it’s all down to these 2 beauties. The Barry M Super Mani 7-in-1 Treatment and Barry M Mani Mask in Bashful. Usually my nails are chipped, thin and flaking where I’ve pulled the top layer of nail off with the acrylic and I have no other option but to apply nail/cuticle cream to my nails 4000 times a day and ain’t nobody got time for that. So this time I decided to do things differently.

I popped to Superdrug one day and picked up these products as I was looking for something to repair my nails after removing my acrylics and these looked perfect. I couldn’t chose which one to use first so in the end I decided to use both and it was such a lightbulb moment.

First I used the 7-in-1 treatment as a base coat and this provides such a nice base layer over your nails. All the patches where the top layer of my nail had ripped off were filled in and you couldn’t feel the unevenness of my nails at all. However, you could still see where they were all ripped, so once this had dried I then applied 2 coats of the Mani Mask to give my nails a little bit of colour and I tell you something they looked amazing! The Mani Mask provides a lovely pink sheen to the nails and gives your nails a really healthy glow. This covered up the horrible looking rips and made my nails look great.

This duo lasted on my nails for a week without chipping and when I removed them my nails were substantially better. They felt stronger, the rips had nearly disappeared and they looked much more even on top. They still had some visible tears in them but I just used the 7-in-1 hardener underneath my usual nail polish for a couple of weeks after and my nails are completely fixed now.

I’d definitely recommend picking these 2 products up as they have literally saved my nails. I couldn’t be happier with how they have worked wonders and I will definitely be using these as base coats for all my nail polishes now to keep my nails healthy and strong. Barry M, you’ve fast become my favourite ever nail polish brand.

Have you tried these before? Have you got any recommendations for Barry M nail polishes that I should try next?

Kayleigh x

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