Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm
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Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm

My skin is ridiculously bad at the moment. It’s having a bad reaction to the change in weather this year and it’s driving me insane! I used to have normal skin but in the last year or so it’s become combination, with dry patches on my cheeks but slightly oily everywhere else. In the last couple of weeks my dry patches are becoming really noticeable and I’m switching up my skincare routine to account for that. I’m also trying to use more natural/organic products at the moment to try and cut down on all the bad ingredients that are penetrating my skin.

One thing I’ve added back in to my routine that met the requirements for natural and nourishing is the Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm. Lyonsleaf started out on a small farm in Somerset by Vicky and Ben Lyons. They started making their beauty products by using home-grown ingredients from their farm, to ensure that their products were 100% natural. Their products are also 100% water free, which means they don’t need to use any synthetic ingredients and they use 100% active ingredients for maximum benefit to the skin.

In the winter I gravitate towards balm cleansers more as they provide an extra bit of nourishment for the skin. I really like the Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm as it is so soft and spreads over my skin nicely. It melts into an oily texture when I warm it up with my fingers and is a real pleasure to massage into my skin at the end of a long day. I make sure to cover my whole face with product and then remove it with a flannel and it leaves my skin super smooth and soft. By removing it with a flannel I give my skin a tiny bit of exfoliation too. I like that it’s easy to remove and it doesn’t leave a greasy film on my skin.

As it’s a balm it doesn’t leave my skin stripped of moisture which is the last thing I need right now! It really penetrates into my skin and the longer I use it the more I notice that my skin is so much more hydrated and supple overall, not just immediately after I’ve used it. It smells …

I find that this balm really comes into it’s own when I use it as an overnight treatment. After I’ve used my normal serum, moisturiser, etc at night I then like to add a little bit of this to my dry patches to sink in overnight and it really helps. It doesn’t completely fix my dry skin by morning but it definitely helps it to look less obvious when I apply my foundation, which is a start.

When payday comes I’m going to invest in a new face oil, but for now this little beauty is definitely helping. It smells lovely, is an absolute pleasure to use and helps to nourish my really dry skin. I’ll be gutted when this runs out and I’ll definitely be re-purchasing as soon as it does!

Have you tried this cleansing balm?

Kayleigh x

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