Bloomtown Botanicals Sugar Scrubs
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Bloomtown Botanicals Sugar Srubs

I’ve been trialling these Bloomtown Botanicals’ Sugar Scrubs* for a few weeks now and thought it was time to share them with you. Bloomtown Botanicals is a brand that create sustainable beauty products that have no nasty chemicals in them. All of their products are free from palm oil and a percentage of their profits are donated to environmental and animal charities. It’s great when you find a cruelty free company that goes that extra mile to give something back.

I was very kindly sent 2 Sugar Scrubs to try out and these are the products I was most excited to try. I have terribly dry skin on my legs and I need to exfoliate a LOT. I’m usually a scrub floozy and pick up whatevers on offer but I’ve recently been looking for scrubs and skincare that will really benefit my skin. I try and exfoliate my legs at least twice a week, sometimes more in the winter, otherwise it looks like I’m shedding a layer of skin (not pretty!). Therefore, I need a good scrub to look after my legs. I use body scrubs all over my body but usually only once a week on everywhere else, as the rest of my body just doesn’t need it. Whenever I try a new one I always judge it on how my legs look and feel after using it a few times, as these are definitely my problem areas.

All Bloomtown Botanicals Sugar Scrubs are made without microbeads and only use fine British sugar and nourishing botanical ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise the skin. I tried The Meadow Sugar Scrub* first which is made with lavender, rose geranium and chamomile. This is the full size tub and it’s huuuuuge. For £12 this is an amazing size and will last you ages, making it amazing value for money. The first thing I noticed was the scent and how it made me feel so calm and relaxed. You can really smell the lavender but not in an overpowering way, just as a subtle undertone which I personally really like. The scrub itself is an intense scrub which I like as it does a brilliant job of removing any dead skin cells. It has a medium consistency that isn’t too watery that it runs straight off your skin, but also isn’t too thick that you can’t spread it over your skin properly. After using this my skin was glowing and it felt amazingly smooth, even after the first use. I did find that it took a little bit of extra rubbing in the shower to get the excess oil off my skin but this didn’t bother me and I don’t mind for the great results I get with this.

The second scrub I received was a mini size of The Hedgerow Sugar Scrub*. This is still a really good size and I’ve had around 4 uses out of this already and still have half the tub left. At £4.60 it’s a great way to try a couple of different versions before committing to buying a full size. This smells incredible. I love a good sweet smelling product, so this was right up my street. It has notes of blackberry and sweet honeysuckle which reminds me of a summers day. If you’re not a sweet smell lover this may be a little strong, but it’s not a sickly sweet smell so I imagine it would be fine for most people. Anthony says that it smells like the Fruit Salad sweets you used to get (can you still get those now?). Like The Meadow scrub this is quite a harsh scrub and does a great job of making my skin look radiant and fresh. The formula is pretty much identical, it’s just the scent that differs so you just need to pick a fragrance that you’d like to fill your bathroom.

With a night out coming up at the weekend I’ve been using these religiously on my legs and my skin has never looked better. It’s so soft and nourished and not a dry patch in sight. I’ll definitely be investing in some more Sugar Scrubs from Bloomtown Botanicals once these run out, in fact I think I may have found my holy grail scrub.

Bloomtown Botanicals is such a great brand and I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from them so far and I’m itching to try more of their products too. I really like the sound of The Cafe (vanilla and hazelnut – mmmm) range as I love the smell of coffee and I love that you can get the same scent in each product, so you can collect the full range – which I fully intend on doing! They even have natural candles which are very high on my to buy list. Thank you so much to Preyanka for sending me some lovely products to try – I’m forever grateful to have found such an incredible natural and cruelty free brand.

Kayleigh x
– As always all views are my own 100% honest opinion and I wouldn’t recommend anything to you guys that I don’t truly love myself.

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