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Multipower 53% Protein Bar

I was so pleased when an email dropped into my inbox a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted to try some of Multipower’s new 53% Protein Bars*. Erm…of course I do! I usually stick to protein shakes and I have one after the gym and then one the morning after a workout too, but sometimes it’s too much of a rush in the morning so I thought the bars would be a great substitute to grab as I’m running out the door.

I want to try counting macros at some point but that’s a big scary world and I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for that yet, so I’ve just been concentrating on adding more protein into my diet as it’s essential for muscle recovery. One shake gives me around 20 grams of protein and these bars offer 27 grams of protein, so I’m actually getting more in a bar than my normal shake.

I was generously sent 2 bars of each flavour to try and all the bars have 27 grams of protein. The sugar content differs slightly depending on the flavour (I like to try and keep an eye on my sugar intake), but they all have 1.8 grams or less in them, which is really good – the Chocolate and Coconut only have 1.5 grams of sugar, bonus! They’re also only 200 calories per bar, if you’re counting calories. Personally my favourite flavour was the Coconut as it tasted exactly like chocolate and coconut – it tasted amazing! I found the Cookies and Cream to taste a little artificial but all the others tasted great and I actually forgot that I was eating a protein bar – something that tastes that good isn’t usually good for you at all! I let Anthony try some of each and his favourite was the Cookies and Cream, so it just depends on your taste buds really. I’ve noticed the Cookies and Cream is sold out on the website too, so it seems to be most people’s favourite. What do I know ey?!

These are not the cheapest protein bars you can get but they do have a whopping 27 grams of protein in them and are really low in sugar, so for some people it might be worth the extra cash. They are perfect for a quick snack throughout the day (much better than chocolate!) and I found they are a really tasty way to get extra protein in your diet. I enjoyed eating these after the gym or in the morning as a post-breakfast treat, as they’re much more convenient than having to mix up a shake. I’ll definitely be looking into getting some more protein bars soon, as they fit nicely into your diet.

Have you tried any protein bars before?

Kayleigh x

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