Living Nature Eyeshadow

Smoky Eyes with Living Nature

Living Nature are a brand that I’ve wanted to try, ever since looking into more natural make up. All of their products are certified natural and are free from synthetic preservatives and other chemical nasties. Living Nature use healing plants from New Zealand to create potent botanical products that work together to enhance skin’s beauty. Even the most sensitive of skin can use their products.

I was very generously sent the Living Nature Slate Eyeshadow* and the recyclable Eyeshadow Compact* too. I love the compact as it’s made of completely recyclable material and comes with a sponge applicator. I personally won’t use the applicator so I’ll be throwing that away and this then gives me 2 more spaces for eyeshadows. The compact is really lightweight and not too bulky, making it perfect to take on trips away.

Living Nature Slate Eyeshadow

Now onto the eyeshadow. This is a real beauty – a soft black matte mineral eyeshadow that contains no nasties and is great for sensitive eyes. Slate uses natural mineral colour from the earth and no synthetic chemicals or ingredients at all. The minerals help the skin to breathe and also reflect light, helping protect the eye area from UV rays. These are suitable for people with sensitive eyes too.

I used to be scared of using black eyeshadows as I always thought they would come out really dark and not blend very well, but since getting over my fear I love to use a black eyeshadow to really define an eye look. The Slate eyeshadow has a buttery formula that makes it a dream to blend and really comfortable to wear. This isn’t as highly pigmented as some of my non-natural eyeshadows but I find that it does the job nicely. The below swatch is 3 applications of the eyeshadow to make it really intense, but you can easily get a good colour with 1 application. I like to use a quick swipe of this in the day to define a subtle smoky eye and I find it the perfect amount without looking too made up. It also lasts all day on me, with a primer and I’ve worn this a few times for nights out and it’s lasted all night without giving me panda eyes. A perfect all-rounder product that will definitely be useful to have in your collection.

Living Nature Slate Eyeshadow

I’m actually really impressed with my first Living Nature product and I’m looking forward to trying some more products from the brand – their foundations and lipsticks look amazing. You can buy Living Nature products online at Botanical Brands, a distributor of organic and natural beauty products from all over the world.

Have you tried anything from Living Nautre?

Kayleigh x

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