Winter Skincare Routine
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Winter Morning Skincare Routine

I always switch up my skincare with the changing seasons as my skin has different needs throughout the year. With this in mind I’ve added a couple of new products to my routine so I thought I’d share what I’m currently using/loving with you. Since adding in some more natural skincare my skin has never looked better – I’ve only had a couple of pimples and even those have been small and not lasted very long.

I’ve been trying out a new cleanser over the past couple of weeks and so far, so good. The Antipodes Grace Gentle Cleanser is a cream cleanser that feels really smooth and gentle on the skin. It removes my make up really well without stripping my skin and leaves my skin feeling soft to the touch.

I then use The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. I love this toner although it isn’t as natural as what I would like to use on my face. My skin always feels so soft and hydrated after using this, so it will be hard to part with this once it runs out. I have a lot left though, so it won’t be for a while yet.

I’ve really been trying to look after my eyes lately as I’m now nearer to 30 than 20 – sob! The Laidbare Pack Your Bags Eye Cream has been a lovely addition to my routine. I especially like this as it dries quickly and doesn’t leave my under eye area feeling wet. I use this both morning and night and although I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference yet, it’s nice to know that I’m combating my dark circles.

I recently picked up the Herbfarmacy Rose & Mallow Facial Oil and I absolutely love it. It’s gentle on my skin and isn’t too oily so I can use this in the morning without being a grease pit by lunchtime. With the cold weather my skin has been extra dry so I’ve added in an oil to combat this and this one does a wonderful job. It also smells incredible, but don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of strong smelling products it wears off quickly.

For the last step I use the Nature & Nurture Youth Protect Moisturiser as it creates a perfect base for make up. I find that this moisturiser dries out my skin ever so slightly so this is perfect for over an oil as it reduces the oiliness of my skin for my make up. I would say that this isn’t the best moisturiser for really dry skin as I don’t feel it’s really moisturising, but for day time it’s perfect.

This routine has helped my skin so much over the past couple of months and I think it’s down to listening to what my skin needs and adjusting my routine accordingly. When the summer comes I think I’ll get rid of my morning oil and invest in a new lighter moisturiser – I’ve been trialling Ren’s Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream from my Love Lula Beauty Box and my skin is great so that’s the forerunner at the moment.

Do you switch up your skincare routine throughout the year?

Kayleigh x

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