Grenade Carb Killer Bar
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Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar

Anthony and I bought some Grenade Carb Killa Bars last month as a little treat to ourselves – there was an offer on so we thought why not try them out. I’d heard good things about them and we’re looking for something that we can have that is convenient and good for you too.

We bought the Cookies & Cream flavour and let me tell you now, they’re amazing. They taste exactly like a cookies & cream chocolate bar and don’t have that artificial/chemical flavour that some bars have. They are a really generous size and I find that I struggle to eat it in one sitting, as it fills me up so much – Anthony does’t have this problem and wolfs them down in 2 seconds! I like to grab one of these for after my Saturday session at the gym, as it’s convenient for me to take with me to have as a breakfast snack afterwards and it keeps me full until lunchtime.

These bars have 23.3g of protein in them, making them great for after the gym but you can eat them any time of the day for a quick snack. There’s only 13.6g of carbohydrates, so you can have them if you’re on a low carb diet too. The thing I always look for in protein bars is the sugar content as some of them can be really high and I don’t like to have too much sugar in my diet. These only have 1.5g of sugar and they’re only 217 calories, so if you’re counting calories they won’t take a massive chunk out of your daily allowance either. I wouldn’t think that such a tasty chocolate bar could not be loaded with un-heatlhy ingredients, but here it is. I still wouldn’t recommend eating these all the time but I like to have these in the cupboard for an occasional treat. I’d like to try the White Chocolate Cookie or the Peanut Nutter flavours as I’ve heard great things about those too!

The only bad side to these is that they’re quite expensive. We paid £18 for a box and there are only 12 bars in a box – that’s £1.50 per bar and that was on offer! Protein bars are quite expensive which is why we don’t buy them often, but it’s nice to treat ourselves every now and again. I love these but I think the price point will put me off buying them again, unless I could get another offer. I’ve heard good things about the PhD bars, so we might try those out next.

What are your favourite protein bars?

Kayleigh x

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