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Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara

I came across the Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara whilst looking for a natural, cruelty free mascara. Apparently a natural mascara that’s volumising and lengthening is pretty hard to find. Most of the mascaras that I saw were for a more natural look, which isn’t the look I tend to go for with my lashes. After looking at a lot of ingredient lists I found this one that, although it has dimethicone in it, has clean ingredients and had really good reviews too.

The first mascara I had delivered to me was really dry and it was hard to get the product on to my lashes. I emailed Love Lula and they sent me another one out, which was much better. Most mascaras start out really wet and then dry down over a couple of weeks, but this one actually started out drier than others. I also found that it doesn’t actually dry down any further – it stays at that consistency until it runs out. This means I can apply more 
product to my lashes with each coat and I only need 2 coats to make my lashes look really dramatic.

With one coat my lashes look much thicker and longer and with two coats they look incredible! Two coats gives me dramatic, volumised lashes that hold a curl all day. I love how black the formula is and the thicker consistency makes it a dream to apply – it latches onto my lashes so easily.

The only downside to this is that it’s a bit of a bitch to remove. My normal micellar water just won’t do it on it’s own, so I have to get most of it off with micellar water then use my cleanser afterwards too. Occasionally I’ll even wake up with black smudges under my eyes in the morning, even after my two step cleanse! On the plus side you know it’s not going anywhere throughout the day – no smudging, flaking or transferring at all.

It’s a shame that this has dimethicone in it, as otherwise this would be the perfect mascara. I actually love how dark and voluminous it makes my lashes though and I’ll compromise on the dimethicone for great lashes. It’s still the cleanest mascara I’ve tried that is still effective and until something else comes along, this suits me just fine!

Have you tried anything from Ere Perez?

Kayleigh x

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