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5 things: Life

It’s been a pretty crazy time for me at the moment and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. Everything seems to have come around at once and I seem to be juggling quite a bit, so I thought it would be good to let you guys know what I’ve been up to in the form of a 5 things post.

1. I recently went to Alcudia with three of my closest girlfriends and I had an amazing time. We managed to get a really good deal at the start of the year and the date finally arrived last week. We had lots of cocktails, beach time and of course laughs and it was bliss. It was so relaxing and nice not to have to worry about anything. However I’ve only been back a week and I already feel busy again because ….

2. We go to Mexico in 2 weeks! Anthony and I said that we were going to have a small holiday this year, due to how big a holiday Florida was last year but we’ve ended up with 4 holidays this year! We did get a really good deal for Mexico though and it’s for Anthony’s sister’s 30th birthday (we’re going with her and her hubby), so we couldn’t resist. We’re also going to a wedding while we’re over there so that will be a new experience for us. I’m now trying to sort out all the last minute bits and pieces for that, so my mind is reeling right now.

3. Wedding planning has once again become a priority. For how long I don’t know, but hopefully this time we will stick with it and actually get a date set. We went to see a venue last week that we really liked and we’re going to see another one next week too. I’ve also emailed the Reverend at the church and I’m just waiting on a reply, so fingers crossed things will start to come together soon.

4. I’ve been trying to sort out my wardrobe for summer. Not as important as the other things that have been happening, but still something that needs doing! The typical British summer has hit now – one day of glorious heat (and people moaning that it’s too hot) and the next day torrential rain (and people asking where the sun has gone), which makes compiling a summer wardrobe pretty hard. I invested in a midi skirt this weekend, which I’d never thought I’d suit but after seeing Rebecca in one on her Instagram stories, I knew I needed one. I’ve also picked up a couple of long sleeve t-shirts for the rainy days.

5. I’ve been really trying to up my gym game lately, because of all the holidays. I’m trying to incorporate more cardio as I need to lose some weight, but trying to find a balance between cardio and weight training is proving harder than I imagined. I don’t feel like I’ve lost much weight since switching it up, so I need to experiment a bit more with the split – hopefully I’ll find the perfect routine soon.

So life has been busy lately and I apologise for being quiet on here, but good things are happening in life so I’m not that sorry!!

What have you guys been up to?

Kayleigh x

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