Love Lula Haul
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Another Love Lula Haul

Love Lula is fast becoming my favourite place to shop online for beauty products.

When they had a bank holiday sale on at the start of May (I know how delayed this post is – bad blogger!) I couldn’t resist picking up some bits and pieces. No surprise that there’s a lot of PHB Ethical Beauty in here, as I just love the brand! The fact that I could use my Love Lula points too, meant my final bill was tiny. I love getting a lot for my money – who doesn’t?!
PHB BB Cream & Lipstick

First up was the PHB Ethical Beauty Botanical BB Cream + SPF15 in Fair. I’m always a little weary about buying base products online as you don’t get to try them first, but all PHB base products have a description of the colour within the product description, making it really easy to pick the right shade. Fair is ‘A light shade with warm neutral undertones for light skin tones.’ and matches my skin tone really well. It’s probably a tad too dark but not so that you’d notice and I think the lighter shade would be too light on me.

PHB Lipstick Swatch

I was in need of a new nude lipstick. I had loads of nude lipsticks before I went cruelty free but haven’t actually picked up a CF one yet, so the PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure Organic Lipstick in Petal was thrown in my basket. This is such a pretty shade of pink, that matches my natural lip colour perfectly. It’s a my lips but better shade and I find it so easy to just throw on in the morning. I don’t need a mirror to apply it and there’s no worry of it ending up all over my face when I’m eating either.

PHB Moisturiser & Soap

I also needed a new moisturiser as my old one had ran out. Once again I turned to my trusty PHB Ethical Beauty and picked up the Brightening Moisturiser with Immortelle Argan & Licorice. I’m also looking to improve the brightness of my skin so this was an easy choice for me and I have to say I’m impressed. My skin does have a slight glow to it after applying this and it makes my skin really soft. The texture of this is a little strange – it’s sort of a bouncy cream. When you run your finger over the top to pick up some product it sort of glides over the product and you have to actually dig your finger in to get the product out. Once you’re used to the texture though it’s a really lovely cream.

PHB Ethical Beauty Ethical Palm Oil Free Lavender Soap was a last minute addition to the basket. I’d ran out of shower gel and thought I’d try a soap instead. Lavender is another one of my favourite scents so I picked this one and it smells divine. Unfortunately that’s the only good thing about this soap for me. I find this a little drying on skin, but that could be because I’m used to shower gels that are really moisturising. I also found that this disappeared in my shower much quicker than other soaps and I didn’t get many uses out of it before it evaporated.

Ere Perez Mascara & Hurraw Lip Balm

I re-purchased the Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara as mine had ran out. This is by far one of the best natural mascaras I’ve tried and I can see me re-purchasing this for a while. I did a full review on this here, if you’re interested.

Hurraw lip balms have been on my radar for a long time and I finally decided to pick one up. I chose the Coconut version, as I love anything that smells like Coconut and it’s lived up to the hype. The first time I tried this it seemed to dry my lips out a little but after a day or so of re-applying, my lips were smooth and re-hydrated. I always make sure I have this on me now and I really want to try the tinted versions soon.

Have you picked up any new products lately?

Kayleigh x

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