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Medusa’s Make Up Metal AF Lip Gloss

This little baby is the main reason that I wanted to pick up September’s The Pip Box and let me tell you I’m glad I did. I’d never heard of Medusa’s Make Up before, but The Pip Box advertised that they were including this lip gloss in their September box and I knew I needed it there and then.

Medusa’s Make Up are an American brand that produce cruelty free & vegan make up. I’ve managed to find a couple of UK stockists luckily, so will definitely be looking at picking up some more of their products. I’ve also linked to a UK site below for anyone whose interested in picking this up over here.

First of all the names of these lip glosses are amazing! The one that was included in The Pip Box is Bad Medicine after the Bon Jovi song (one of my faves!) but some of their other’s include Cherry Pie, Crazy Train and Girls Girls Girls – all songs that I absolutely adore. Most of their products seem to have super cool names and I love it when a brand is inventive with the names of their products.

Medusa's Make Up Metal AF Lip Gloss

Onto the actual product. It’s a lovely metallic pink shade that would suit most skin tones – I don’t usually suit pink lips but even I can pull this off. It’s not too bright and is quite a subtle pink which is good as the shimmer finish draws attention to your lips on it’s own. It’s a perfect shade for day or night – the shimmer adds a touch of glam to any daytime look or you could rock this at night with a super smoky eye and go full rock chick. The choice is yours as they say. I’ve done both and loved how it looked both ways. This is such a gorgeous shade and completely unique. It’s safe to say that I don’t have anything else like it in my collection.

The finish isn’t what I was expecting. When I received it I thought it was a glossy lip gloss but it dries down pretty quickly and has a sort of satin finish to it. It doesn’t dry down completely, so you can still rub your lips together without them catching but it’s not glossy at all, so you won’t have any awkward hairy lip situations if you wear this on a windy day! This has to be one of the most comfortable satin lip products I own and I forget that I’m wearing it half the time. It doesn’t cling to dry patches and it’s also great to re-apply because it doesn’t cling to the product underneath – it creates a new, fresh layer over the top.

Medusa's Make Up Metal AF Lip Gloss Swatch

I’m incredibly impressed with this lip gloss and really want to pick up some more shades – Cherry Pie looks an absolute dream (insert heart eye emoji here!). I’d also love to try some of their Eye Dusts too, as the colours look amazing. If you’re into bright make up or want to try something a little different I’d definitely recommend looking into Medusa’s Make Up. They have a wide range of products and if they’re all as good as this lip gloss you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Have you tried anything from Medusa’s Make Up yet?

Kayleigh x

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