Dr Botanicals Superfood Face Mask
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Dr Botanicals Charcoal Superfood Mattifying Face Mask

Dr Botanicals are a brand that I’ve really come to love over the past year or so. Their products are great quality and I’ve been pretty impressed with everything I’ve tried. They have recently brought out their Apothecary range which focuses on using superfood ingredients in each product. I was lucky enough to be sent the Charcoal Superfood Mattifying Face Mask * to try a couple of weeks ago and having given it a thorough test I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

I love a good charcoal mask. My pores attract dirt quite easily, so I like to make sure that I use a deep cleansing mask at least once a week. Anything with Charcoal in is usually a good bet, so I was pretty excited when this came through my door. It aims to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin using Activated Charcoal Powder, which also helps to mattify the skin. It also contains Shea Butter to help smooth and soften the skin.

Dr Botanicals Charcoal Superfood Mattifying Face Mask

I’ve been using this once or twice a week depending on how bad my skin is and how much of a deep cleanse it needs. My skin always has ups and downs and it was pretty bad when I first started using this, but it’s gotten considerably better since. I have been making sure that I exfoliate more too, so it’s probably a combination of both of these things.

I love how this makes my skin feel immediately after use. It’s the softest I think I’ve ever felt my skin and it feels really clean too. At the same time though it doesn’t feel dry at all, or like my face might crack if I move it! I have noticed a bit of a difference in my blackheads too, which is really unusual as they are always the same no matter what I do. With using this I’ve noticed that they’re not half as noticeable now – they’re definitely still there but you have to look closer now to really see them.

Dr Botanicals Charcoal Superfood Mattifying Face Mask

The only thing that I’m not too keen on is the smell. I feel like I say this about a lot of products though, so I probably just have a picky nose! It smells just like pure charcoal – probably because it’s made of charcoal! It’s not anything that would put me off using it, I just think it could smell a little nicer as you have to leave it on for 10 minutes before washing off. I personally like my masks to smell nice too as that really completes the experience for me.

Overall I think this is a great mask. It’s a little on the pricey side at £39.00 but Dr Botanicals do sometimes have offers on, so it will be worth looking out to see if this gets discounted. I’d personally buy this again as it’s the only thing that has reduced the appearance of my blackheads and that’s always a good thing!

Have you tried anything from Dr Botanicals new Apothecary range yet?

Kayleigh x 

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