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My New Holy Grail Eyeshadows – RMS Beauty Swift Shadows

So I’m sure you can tell by the title that I have some exciting products to share with you today that I absolutely adore! I’ve been wanting to try something from RMS Beauty for aaaages and I finally bit the bullet and picked up some Swift Shadows * from Love Lula last month.

RMS Beauty is named after it’s founder Rose-Marie Swift, who several years ago discovered that her blood contained toxic levels of heavy metals including aluminum, barium, cadmium, lead and mercury as well as high levels of pesticides and other chemicals. Her doctor asked her if she worked in the cosmetic industry, which she did, and this made her realise how dangerous cosmetics could be. She then re-built her health and wanted to help other women have access to healthy beauty products, so she created RMS Beauty. All RMS products are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their natural state, to allow the living, healing ingredients to rejuvenate the skin. All of their packaging is either biodegradable, re-usable or recyclable and all of their products are of course cruelty free.

I picked the Swift Shadows in shades Garden Rose GR-13 * and Enchanted Moonlight EM-64 * and I love them. Usually I go for neutral colours; nudes, browns and taupes but I figured that the colour selection was so stunning that I would try something different. I still wanted something that I could wear everyday if I wanted but then could build it up for nighttime. While I was browsing I also came across the Powder Eyeshadow Brush * and thought I’d get that to go with them too.

RMS Swift Shadows

Garden Rose GR-13 is part of the pink range of colours and this is totally something that I wouldn’t usually go for. Whenever someone says pink eyeshadow it reminds me of the cheap make up that you used to get as a kid. However, I can assure you that this is not like that AT ALL – thankfully! This is a lovely shade of pink that leans more towards the brown side of pink than anything else, so it’s not bright or garish. This is actually my favourite of the two and I love this for a meal or night out with just a touch of mascara. The colour does all the work, so you don’t need any eyeliner at all.

Enchanted Moonlight EM-64 is the one that I wear on a daily basis. It’s from the purple range and having hazel eyes myself, I find that it compliments them really well. Like the pink it’s not a bright shade, so you can easily wear this for day time but you could also add another couple of layers or apply it wet to amp up the colour for night. I’ve used this one everyday for about a month now and haven’t even dented the pan.

The quality of these eyeshadows is absolutely incredible. They’re buttery soft but without any fall out and super easy to apply. They have a light-reflective finish so they look like satin on the eyes. The pigmentation is incredible and I only need one swipe for daytime and a couple more to build up the intensity for nighttime – if you use a wet brush to apply then you get even more bang for your buck as the colour becomes really bold. These are definitely the most pigmented shadows I own. The wear time is also incredible – I wear these to work every day and they’re still in tact at 5.30pm with no sign of creasing or smudging.

RMS Swift Shadows Swatches
(Left to Right: Garden Rose GR-13 and Enchanted Moonlight EM-64)

The Powder Eyeshadow Brush is a nice addition to my collection. It’s lovely and soft and doesn’t scratch the eyelid. It picks up quite a lot of product from the pan with just one dip and smoothes it on the eye easily and evenly. I find that this is best to pack on eyeshadow and really layer it up for a bold look. I don’t tend to use this every day, as it’s not great for a quick swipe of colour but I always reach for this when I’m getting ready for an event when I want to go all out.

At £19.00 each these are definitely high end eyeshadows but you get amazing quality and they’re the most luxurious eyeshadows I’ve ever tried. I can definitely justify spending £19.00 on these and will be quite happy to when I pick up my next ones! The brush is £17.00 and although I really like it, I actually have a similiar brush that only cost me £8, so I personally wouldn’t say that you needed it. However, the eyeshadows you definitely need!

Have you tried anything from RMS Beauty yet?

Kayleigh x

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