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For my last post of 2017 I thought I would tell you about these beauties that I’ve been loving over the past couple of weeks. I was in desperate need of a new nail polish remover a few weeks ago after finally finishing my old Sally Hansen one (it took aaaaaaages to get through!). I obviously needed a cruelty free replacement but I was also looking for a more natural option too, so the first place I looked was Love Lula. As usual they pulled through and I picked up a new nail polish remover and also some new nail polishes too. A girl can never have enough nail polishes right?!

Firstly the Maggie Anne Lemon & Lime Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover * is a lovely addition to my bathroom shelf. It smells quite nice for a nail polish remover although it still has an underlying smell of the traditional, acidic nail polish remover and will smell out your whole house when you use it! But it’s not as bad as some that I’ve tried. It’s great at removing my nail polish. It only takes a tiny amount on a cotton pad to remove one hand’s worth of nail polish and I don’t have to scrub at each nail too much either. Just a few quick swipes on each nail and it’s done. The thing I like the most about this is that my nails, or the skin around them, don’t feel dry or irritated after use – in fact, they feel really moisturised and in good condition. For someone like me who likes to paint their nails A LOT this is perfect. I’ll definitely be picking up another one when this one runs out. Maybe the Strawberry & Grape one next time.

Now, onto the nail polishes. I wanted to get colours that I didn’t already have in my collection so I went for Unda * and Nancy * (I won’t lie this one was partly fueled by my love for Nancy from Stranger Things!) as these are unlike any other colours I own. Unda is a pale, purpley grey colour that looks amazing on. It’s not a cool grey, so it doesn’t make your skin look washed out – especially with me being quite pale. It’s something completely new to my collection and I love it! Nancy is more of a party colour, which is perfect for the party season. I mean I’ve worn this for work too, but it’s a little more special so it depends what you like to wear on your nails. It’s a deep purple with sapphire tones mixed through it – this colour has more of a shine to it than Unda, which is quite a flat colour. I love that it’s such a deep colour and it looks great on my nails. It gives quite a gothic effect to my hands, because of the paleness of my skin, which I absolutely love. I’d say this is my favourite of the two but only by a pinch! I’ve actually taken to wearing these together a lot, by painting my ring finger in Nancy and the rest in Unda, as they go together really well.

I also picked up the Maggie Anne Shine Like A Star Topcoat * so that I could use all Maggie Anne products on my nails. I find this is a pretty good topcoat and I do get longer wear out of the polishes when I wear this compared to when I didn’t. It does give them a really great shine too and you can definitely see the difference when applying. A great product that adds a nice finishing touch to your nails.

Overall my first taster of Maggie Anne is really positive. I really like that they are all natural polishes and I feel better about wearing lots of nail polish knowing that I’m not doing too much damage to my nails. I’m definitely looking at picking up some more shades in the New Year.

I hope you all have a lovely night tonight whatever you’re doing. Happy New Year everyone! I’m looking forward to creating some great new content in the New Year, so make sure you come back in 2018!

Kayleigh x

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