Joik Soy Wax Scented Candle

Joik Soy Wax Scented Candle

I love a good candle. I wasn’t really bothered about them for years but then all of a sudden something clicked and I had to have a candle in every room of the house! It’s become an obsession, especially during the colder months when I can sit curled up under a blanket with a good book and a few candles lit. I personally like sweet and fresh scents – things like vanilla, lavender, coffee, fruit scents. They all float my boat. I’m not a massive fan of spicy scents though, so festive candles don’t really do it for me. Hence to say when I was choosing our candle for over Christmas I saw Joik’s Vanille et Noisette Soy Wax Scented Candle on Love Lula I thought that would be perfect. Unfortunately it was sold out (boo!) so instead I went for the Strawberry & Wine Soy Wax Scented Candle * and let me tell you now, I was not disappointed.

Joik is a brand that was set up through a love of scented candles. Founder Eva-Maria didn’t want to burn petroleum
-based paraffin candles in her home and was constantly dissapointed with the aromas of scented candles. The solution was obvious – she would learn to make high-quality, clean-burning candles that smelt just like what the name promised. Eva-Maria decided to use natural soy wax to replace paraffin and started to research her desired aromas. It was a long process and full of setbacks, however, it was worth it as she managed to create wonderful smelling natural candles. Joik have also branched out into cosmetics too, but that’s a story for another time!

After hearing so much love for Joik’s candles I had high hopes for this and I’m glad to say that this one lived up to the hype. The Strawberry & Wine candle smells absolutely divine and I can confirm that it does smell like Strawberries and Wine! That may seem a strange thing to say as you would expect it to smell like that but anyone who has ever burnt a candle knows that they don’t always smell like what they’re supposed to – in fact, they very rarely do. This one, however, is definitely true to it’s name. It has a lovely sweet scent from the strawberry but is offset by a slightly woody scent. It really is a lovely combination.

The power of the scent is pretty good too. I can smell this throughout the house when it’s burning, instead of just in the one room, which is another rarity for a candle in my experience. Even when it isn’t lit it will still fill the living room with it’s sweet aroma, making it perfect to just display on the coffee table too. I’ve already burnt through this candle, but it looks so pretty on my coffee table that I can’t bear to get rid of it before I buy another one and the scent is still lingering around the room.

At £13.50 for this the price isn’t too bad, but I do wish it was a little bigger. It burnt really evenly and there was no waste at all, which is great. However I would say that I didn’t get hours and hours out of this and it did seem to disappear quite quickly, but this is my first soy wax candle so maybe they don’t last as long as others? Can anyone advise me on this maybe?

All things being said I would like to buy another one of these, as the smell is just so lovely and potent. I actually might consider trying to buy the Vanilla one again and see whether that aroma is as good and strong?

Have you got any favourite soy wax candles I should try?

Kayleigh x

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