Ere Perez Arnica Concealer

A Concealer That Heals Blemishes

I NEED to share this little beauty of a concealer with you today. I love concealer and I usually go for liquid formulations, but I fancied a change and I’d heard great things about this one. I’m so glad that I picked this up, as it’s a right holy grail product! I sense that most people who are fond of green beauty/cruelty free beauty will be adding this to their make up bag soon too (if they haven’t already!).

Without further ado I introduce the Ere Perez Arnica Concealer *.

I got the shade Latte which is the lightest shade. I actually thought it might be too light for me, as even though I am pale I’m not REALLY pale, but it’s actually a perfect match. I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or not because I know many people who are much paler than me and therefore wouldn’t be able to get a match. There are only 6 shades in the range right now and I think only one of them may be workable for dark skin tones, which is a little disappointing. However, I am glad that I could get a match and I hope that Ere Perez will expand the range in the future – this is a new product release, so maybe they will add more shades if it’s popular enough?!

Ere Perez Arnica Concealer 2

With the small range of shades addressed, onto the packaging. Oh my, isn’t it pretty?! I love me some glass packaging and this is beyond luxurious. I have heard that Ere Perez are switching up a few of their products and using more high end packaging, which is good to hear as the price tag is definitely high end in my opinion. £23 is a lot for a concealer, but I don’t mind paying that if the product is worth it. The glass pot with white lid definitely adds to the value as you feel like you’re getting a high end product as soon as you pick it up. It also looks lovely on my dressing table.

The product inside is also a winner for me. It’s creamy and blendable, with a medium coverage. People who like a thick concealer probably won’t like this, but if you’re after a natural looking concealer that won’t leave you cakey then you’ll love it. It contains arnica (obviously!) which is considered to be antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, so it heals blemishes as well as covering them. I must admit I was a bit sceptical about the healing part, as I’ve had concealers before that claimed to do this and made no difference to my spots at all. I’m glad to report though that this one does make a noticeable difference to them. I use this as the first step in my make up routine and apply it directly to any blemishes. It takes the redness out of them straight away and I’ve noticed that they actually clear up a lot quicker than they usually do. Just to clarify I didn’t use any different skincare or make up when I added this to my routine, so I’m pretty sure this was what helped my spots. By using this first it acts as a barrier against my foundation and other products, to ensure that any ingredients that may aggravate spots doesn’t touch them. I also use this under my eyes and on any redness I have and it covers them too. It’s a creamy formula that is slightly thin and disperses on the skin easily, but I find that a couple of layers covers dark circles and redness pretty easily. It also lasts throughout the whole day – I only re-apply if I’m going somewhere after work.

Ere Perez Concealer Swatch
The only thing that I’ve never been keen on is putting my finger in a pot, as the thought of bacteria collecting just grosses me out. I always wash my hands before I apply any skincare or make up but there’s still bacteria that might collect in the pot. I suppose you get the same with a liquid product too though as it can collect on the applicator, but it’s not quite as bad as a pot in my opinion. However, I am willing to overlook this in sight of how good this concealer is. You could always use a brush with it, but I personally don’t like using brushes with cream products.

The Ere Perez Arnica Concealer has become a new staple in my routine now and sits proudly on my dressing table to be used every morning. I definitely will be picking up another one once this runs out and hopefully they’ll expand the shade range too soon. Love Lula stock all the new shades and you can get my shade here.

Have you tried the new Ere Perez Arnica Concealer yet?

Kayleigh x

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