Alchemy Oils Amla Hair Remedy
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Alchemy Oils Amla Hair Remedy

I’m back after a little unexpected break. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks but I think I’m finally getting my life together again now. Hopefully! I thought I would break my hiatus with a little review for you. I’ve been using this little pot for over a month now, so it’s about time I gave you a full review.

This is the first product I’ve tried from Alchemy Oils and I didn’t know much about them to be honest. Alchemy Oils have created blends to stimulate hair growth, treat hair loss and promote longer, stronger hair whilst softening hair and adding shine. Their products are all natural and made from 100% natural oils. They’re free from nasty chemicals, so you can guarantee your only using the best ingredients with these oils. Alchemy Oils are registered with the Vegan Society and they’re certified cruelty free by Peta too.

I tried the Amla Hair Remedy * which claims to promote growth, strengthen and condition hair. A little bit of Lemon Essential Oil is added to naturally cleanse the hair and add shine. In the last month I’ve used this nearly every day in the morning, mainly to smooth flyaways but I’ve also noticed an improvement in my hair too. The recent snow and cold weather has wreaked havoc with my skin and hair, so it’s needed a little extra TLC lately and the Amla Hair Remedy has definitely been performing. My hair has become much more manageable and less prone to breakage too. Usually I struggle with breakage a lot but since using this it’s been much better. Having my hair bleached for around a year the ends are always dry but by adding some of this to them, they look so smooth and healthy. This oil is targeted at coarse hair and I’ve found it perfect for my dry, split ends.

I’ve only used this as a scalp mask once, so I can’t really comment on any long term scalp improvement but short term I did notice that my scalp felt less irritated the day after I used this as a mask. I massaged it all over my scalp and then left it for 30 minutes, as it instructs, before jumping in the shower and washing it all out. I did a double wash just to make sure it was all out. I then left my hair to dry like I normally do and my scalp did feel less tight and dry for a couple of days. I do have a really dry scalp, to the point where medicated shampoo is pretty much the only thing that works on it, but I imagine that if your scalp wasn’t too bad it would probably be enough to use this once a week to keep it in good condition. I’m going to try and use this more often and see how I get on with it, but to be honest I hate doing hair and scalp masks as they just get so messy!

As an everyday styling/care product I will definitely continue to use this. I was really impressed by it’s ability to tame my frizzy, dry hair which not a lot of products can do. I also don’t need to use a lot of it either, so this travel size bottle will last me ages. I can imagine that it would take me years to get through the big bottle, which at £27 is a right bargain! You can buy both the travel size and full size from Love Lula. I personally love the small travel bottle – it’s so cute and looks great in my bathroom. I can also take it on holiday with me and it won’t leak at it has a nice, sturdy topper on it. I really missed my L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil when I went cruelty free but I think I may have finally found a replacement that’s just as good, if not better.

Have you tried any Alchemy Oils products before?

Kayleigh x

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