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Laidbare Skincare Reviews & A Giveaway For You!

Today I have a pretty exciting post for you guys. This week I’ll be doing an Instagram giveaway with Laidbare Skincare! I was so excited when Laidbare got in touch with me and offered to collaborate on a giveaway for my followers (that’s you guys!) and of course I said yes! I’ve used a few of Laidbare Skincare’s products in the past and have been impressed with all of them and I think you guys will be too. So in today’s post I’ll be reviewing the products that you could win and giving you some details on what to look out for in the next few days in order to enter.

Laidbare was created in 2006 when the founder Sarah noticed the need for a natural and organic skincare brand that was affordable and an alternative to high end brands that used low cost synthetic ingredients that offered little benefit to the skin. She started to investigate natural ingredients and noticed such a positive change in her skin that she started Laidbare Skincare. Their main aim is to create products with natural ingredients that are also affordable – offering great value for money. The products help to restore skin to a healthy, clean and clear state – they can also be used by people with sensitive skin. Laidbare Skincare products are 97% – 100% natural ingredients so you can be sure that you’re putting only the best products on your skin. All the products have super fun packaging and names too, which make them such a cool company.

Laidbare have very generously offered to give you guys the chance to win one of their products! The giveaway will be to win one of the 3 products listed below and there will be 2 of each product to giveaway – so six products in total. I’ve been testing these products out and can confirm that they are all lovely. I’ve put some reviews below so that you can have a read through before you enter the giveaways, but I’d recommend you enter them all to be honest!

Laidbare Pack Your Bags

Pack Your Bags Eye Cream – £7.99

I’ve actually had this for quite a few months now and it’s because of this little tube that I actually started using eye cream. I always used to forget to use it but when this came along I liked it that much that I religiously use eye cream twice a day now. It’s aim is to reduce puffiness and dark circles (which is what I suffer with unfortunately) by using Buckwheat Wax. It also includes Green Tea to add moisture, Shea Butter to hydrate and Eyebright Extract to reduce redness and brighten skin. When using this I noticed a reduction in the puffiness of my eyes straight away and after a couple of weeks it had a positive effect on my dark circles too. It hasn’t completely gotten rid of them (to be honest I don’t think you ever can get rid of them altogether) but they looked much less noticeable and were easier to cover. Pack Your Bags is a lightweight cream that sinks in easily and doesn’t feel at all sticky on the skin. It sinks in in just a couple of minutes and I find that it can even be used in the morning under concealer, as it doesn’t pill. Concealer sits really well on top of it and it creates a nourishing barrier for the delicate under eye area.

Laidbare From Dusk Til Dawn

From Dusk Til Dawn Vitamin C Serum * – £12.99

First of all I absolutely love the name of this, because it’s the same as one of my favourite films (fun fact about Kayleigh alert)! Anyway… the product itself is really great. I was a little surprised when I first used it as I was expecting a clear serum and this more like an orange oil, but don’t worry it doesn’t turn your face orange! From Dusk Til Dawn includes Blackcurrant Seed Oil which is rich in Vitamin C to combat dry, irritated, damaged and ageing skin. It also include Evening Primrose Oil to help reduce inflammation and Carrot Oil, which is rich in Vitamin A, to soothe sensitive skin. This product is 100% natural and helps to restore balance to skin whilst toning and restoring elasticity. I’ve only been using this for a few days so far, but I’m really impressed so far. I’ve used it every night underneath my moisturiser and it leaves me with lovely, glowing skin come morning. In just a short amount of time I’ve noticed that my skin looks much brighter and my redness has gone down, as well as my skin being much softer. This is definitely something that I’ll keep using as part of my night time routine. Vitamin C does degrade in sunlight, so I would only use this at night and make sure that you use an SPF the next morning too.

Laidbare Butter Me Up

Butter Me Up * – £14.99

The thing that I first noticed when I opened this was the smell. To me it smells like Fizzers – you know, the sweets you get that are little multi-coloured discs in a see through packet with pink tie ends? Google them and you’ll know what I mean! I absolutely LOVED Fizzers and this takes me back to being a kid again – and who doesn’t want to smell like sweets?! At the same time it’s not too sickly smelling and I find that it does wear off after a while so if you’re not into strong scents then you don’t need to worry. Butter Me Up has Shea Butter, Avacado Oil and Rosehip Oil in. I love anything that includes oils as I know my skin will be well moisturised and during the longest winter EVER that’s definitely what my skin needs right now! This is also enriched with Vitamin C to brighten skin and you guys know I’m all about a glow, especially come Spring! I find that it’s a smoothing cream that instantly makes my skin look nourished and healthy. It sinks in quickly too, so you don’t have to wait around for it to dry in the cold before putting your clothes on. I haven’t been using it long enough to account for long term effects but my skin is liking it so far.

So these are the products that you could win in the giveaway. I’m loving using all of these at the moment and Laidbare are a great natural and cruelty free company. I also love their Working 9-5 Moisturiser, Clean As a Whistle Body Wash and Spot The Difference Treatment Cream, so you should definitely check out those products too over at The giveaway will start this week, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram (@hazelnutmusings) to be in with a chance of winning.

Good luck everyone 🙂

Kayleigh x

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