March Monthly Musings
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March Monthly Musings

Time for my second installment of my Monthly Musings posts. It’s a little later than planned (which is a great start!) but that’s because we had such a relaxing bank holiday weekend that I didn’t want to do any work, to be quite honest – so I didn’t! Anyway it’s here now, so I’ve shared some of my highlights from last month and just some general thoughts I’ve had too. Grab a cuppa and delve into my month!

Les Miserables

Those of you who follow me on Good Reads will already know that I’ve finally started reading Les Miserables (or The Wretched, as it’s called in my translation). I’ve never seen the musical or the film and actually had no idea what the story was all about really, but I’ve always wanted to see it. I thought now was finally the time to start reading it and so far I’m enjoying it. I was a little apprehensive about the language it would use (I’ve never managed to finish Pride & Prejudice yet!) but it’s actually really easy to read – whether that’s because this is a fairly new translation I’m not quite sure. It’s a looooooong book and I find some of the sections are SUPER long when they really don’t need to be – like the first part about the Bishop of Digne and the Waterloo section – but I’m persevering because I am loving the main story.

Saving Money

Beth’s post ‘The Problem With The ‘Treat Yourself’ Mentalityreally hit home this month. With no council tax to pay last month I treated myself to some new bits and pieces and I don’t regret it at all. But it did make me think of all the unnecessary purchases I make on a regular basis. Especially with beauty products. I mean I am a beauty blogger, so I do pick up some bits for posts but mostly I just pick up bits that I don’t really need because I saw that another blogger loves it! It’s fine to treat myself every now and again but the monthly spending needs to stop. With a wedding to save for I’m really going to cut down and save as much as I possibly can.

Laidbare Giveaway

I hosted my first ever giveaway last month in collaboration with Laidbare Skincare, which was pretty exciting. Having not done one before it was a learning curve but everyone was really pleased with the outcome. The giveaway has ended now but I did a review post on some of their products here that you can take a look at. I really enjoyed hosting my first giveaway and fingers crossed there will be more to come soon!

Getting back on track with my health…again!

I know I mentioned this in my February Monthly Musings but at the start of the month we had a shift in our usual routine and the healthy eating went straight out the window. However, we’re now back to normal and I’m intending to be super healthy this month (once I’ve finished off the Easter Eggs that are staring at me every time I go into the kitchen!). We’ve had this intention since Christmas but we’ve only ever managed a few weeks before falling off the wagon. However, I’m going to be booking a girls holiday for July soon for my friend’s 30th and I keep getting asked when we’re going to try on wedding dresses and I’d really like to lose some weight for both of those activities. The summer diet will officially be in full swing as of next week and I’ve printed off lots of healthy and mostly vegan recipes for this month that I can’t wait to try. I’ll check back in next month and let you know how I’m getting on – hopefully much better than I did last month!

What have you all been getting up to lately? Let me know if the comments below.

Kayleigh x

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