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Old English Company – Stylish Stationery & Prints

Old English Company is a stationery and giftware brand. They create stylish, uncomplicated designs with messages that resonate with people. Their hand lettered products are gorgeous and they have so much variety, that there is something for everyone. I immediately fell in love with their modern designs and was even happier to see that they are very reasonably priced. Usually when I find a company like this the prices are extortionate, but these are incredibly purse friendly.

A few weeks ago I was very kindly offered to pick some products from their site to review for you guys. Naturally I gravitated towards the tattoo-esque prints and picked some products that fit perfectly in our home and with mine and Anthony’s personalities.

Firstly I picked up these incredibly gorgeous coasters. I love them so much! They look perfect on my coffee table and I had the idea to buy two of each design to mix and match. You can buy coasters individually on the website, so it’s really easy to pick up a few different designs, instead of being restricted to buying a pack of 4 of the same one. The Love Anchor Coaster (£2.95) * and Love Heart Tattoo Coaster (£2.95) * compliment each other so well and I’ve had numerous visitors comment on them. They are made really well and are pretty sturdy – I’ve had a couple of people leave tea rings on them from their cups and it’s wiped off easily and hasn’t stained at all. I also like that the picture seems to be directly printed onto the coaster, so there is no worry of the picture peeling off. These are a great bargain for the price and I’d definitely recommend checking them out. The Love Heart Tattoo coaster is on offer at the moment too for only £1.03 so make sure you go and pick some of those up!

Old English Company Coasters

The next things I picked up were these 2 prints: Anchor Love Print (from £13.95) * & French Moustache Print (from £13.95) *. I got these in the A4 sizes so that they could framed and either be hung on the wall or stood on our side tables in the back bedroom. Most prints (if not all of them – I haven’t checked them all!) are customisable with a choice of colours, making it super easy to get a print to match your interiors. We chose black and gold as our colours, because our back bedroom is grey and black and they fit in perfectly. The A4 size is perfect for our side tables, but you can also get an A3 and an 8 x 10”. The prints are probably the biggest section on the website, aside from the greetings cards, and there is so much choice. I found it really hard to pick these 2, as there were just so many. I also really loved the Fox Love Print and the Deer print too. The hand lettering makes these prints really unique and they are printed with high quality ink so that they last a long time without fading. I can’t vouch for this yet, but they definitely look like they would last a long time.

Old English Company Prints

Lastly I picked up this really cool make up bag (of course I was going to get a make up bag!). I actually think it’s such a good idea to sell make up bags as well as stationery. They have 5 different slogans to choose from all printed on black, white or grey bags. I picked the Let’s Party Make Up Pouch (£12.95) * as I liked the grey colour the best. I was really impressed with the quality of this to be honest. For such a small price I wasn’t expecting much, but it actually surprised me. The cloth itself is really thick and sturdy so it won’t lose it’s shape easily and it has water repellent lining to stop spillages from seeping through to the outside. The zip is also stitched on really neatly and you can tell that someone has spent time on making this bag. I find that it fits a pretty good amount in too – I can get 6 or 7 products in it (depending on size, of course) and it’s a great size to fit in my handbag too.

Old English Company Make Up Pouch

Old English Company have some great products and I’d urge you to check them out if you’re in need of some new bits to spruce up your house. Or if you’re not in need of them, you can just treat yourself anyway! You really can’t go wrong for the price and they have such stylish pieces that I’m sure you’ll find something you love. They also do notepads, greetings cards, mugs, pillow cases, tea towels & pins, along with other things and you get free shipping on orders over £30 in the UK too. Make sure you go and check out their website and see if anything catches your eye: https://oldenglishprints.com/.

Have you heard of Old English Company before?

Kayleigh x

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