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May Monthly Musings

There wasn’t a monthly musings post last month, as I didn’t really have anything interesting happen. May was a more eventful month though, so here’s a quick update of what I’ve been getting up to.


I’ve been looking into witchcraft a lot in May. I started to look into it around Christmas time but then I sort of forgot about it, but now I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and am quite happy that I’m there! I’ve been reading up on as much as I can – although there’s so many avenues to discover it’s a little overwhelming sometimes. I’ve been concentrating on my tarot cards a lot and trying to do daily picks, which I’ve been finding so interesting. I’ve also been looking into crystals and their uses too. I’ve found that I’m drawn towards crystal jewellery a lot as it makes it easy to connect to them. I’ve invested in a few bits this month from Violet Delights and Boho Dreamers. They have such great selections and I can’t wait to pick some more bits up next month.


I’ve really been ramping up my reading over the past month and am ahead of target on my Good Reads Challenge. I devoured Drums of Autumn in May and I loved it. I can’t get enough of the Outlander series and I can’t wait to see series 4 back on TV. Legendary also came out at the end of May and I’ve since re-read Caraval and am now reading Legendary. They are both such good stories and I’m loving Legendary so far. I also picked up Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman, as I love Neil Gaiman’s books and I love stories about the Norse gods too – a perfect combination. If you have any recommendations for me along these lines then please send them my way, as I’m always looking for more books to read.


So technically this happened at the start of June, but I have a lot of things happening in June anyway so I’ll add this here. I dyed my hair orange! I was originally going for a red/ginger colour but it came out a bit brighter than what I was anticipating. The first couple of days I wasn’t too sure, but now I love it. The only thing is it’s fading quite fast on the ends, where it was bleached before. I’ve ordered the infuse My. colour Copper Wash from Love Lula to hopefully keep it fresh in between visits to the salon but I have a feeling it will take a few visits to get it the perfect colour. I still have over a year until the wedding so plenty of time to get it right!

Have you been up to anything interesting this month?

Kayleigh x

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