Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipsticks
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New Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipsticks

For those of you that may not know I dyed my hair a couple of weeks ago to bright orange (although it’s faded a bit now!) and I love it! You can see a picture on my Instagram here – shameless plug! The only thing about dying your hair is that your current make up might not suit you anymore – which definitely happened to me. I came out of the salon and I looked so washed out, so I need to make sure I use a little more bronzer now. I also had on a red lip and my god did it clash with my hair! I think lipstick is definitely one of those products that doesn’t suit everyone all of the time. With so many different skin tones and hair colours to cater for lipsticks are such a personal product. With that in mind, I treated myself to two new lipsticks that better suit my new hair!

I picked up two of the new Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipsticks * from Love Lula. They have been formulated with olive oil – get that! – to focus on moisturising and hydrating lips, so that you have a smooth colour that doesn’t flake or dry out your lips. These natural lipsticks are also all vegan I believe, which is great! I chose High Tea * and Cocktail * as I thought they would best suit me now.

First of all I have to mention that Ere Perez have created swatches of these lipsticks with people of different ethnicities, so you can see how it might look on your skin tone. I think this is so great and I found it a massive help when picking colours. They haven’t used every model for every lipstick but you can get a general idea of each colour. Anyway onto the lipsticks. Cocktail is described as an earthy rose colour and I would say that wasn’t a bad description. It’s probably a bit more on the red side than I would of thought from the pictures, but it’s not a bright colour. I would say it has more of a brown base, which is what I was after as blue undertones don’t suit me as well now. I find that this colour is so smooth on the lips and doesn’t stick to any dry patches at all. It does last a fair few hours, but it disappears if I eat or drink anything – they’re a satin finish, so I do expect it to transfer pretty easily. On the plus side it disappears evenly and doesn’t leave a line around the edge of my lips, so I don’t have to worry too much about looking like a clown (made even worse by the orange hair!).

Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick Swatches

High Tea is a dusty pink as described by Ere Perez. When I opened this I was slightly disappointed as it is a lot lighter than what I imagined it to be. I was hoping for it to be a pink version of my own lip colour, but I find it has slight coral/peachy tones to it. I was surprised when I tried it on though, as I could never get away with colours like that before – with dark hair they just washed me out – but it actually looks pretty good on me now. I’m glad to have found a new lipstick shade I can wear and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately. The only thing I find with this shade is because it’s lighter it clings to dry patches, so you do have to exfoliate lips beforehand and maybe put on a rich lip balm the night before if you can plan ahead! Once again it doesn’t last that long if you are eating or drinking but it lasts a good few hours without reapplying otherwise.

I absolutely love both of these lipsticks and they’ve both become staples in my routine now. I’ve reached for Cocktail on a daily basis for work, as it gives my lips a nice colour but isn’t too bright. High Tea has been my go to for evenings and I love that I can wear this colour now and it suit me. The formula is so creamy and smooth that they’re comfortable to wear and I even forget I have them on! I definitely want to pick up some more shades of these when I have chance, as they’re the perfect mix of creamy and long wearing.

Have you tired any of the Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipsticks yet? What are your favourite cruelty free lip products?

Kayleigh x

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