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Weleda Insight Day 2018

A couple of months ago I was very kindly invited by the lovely Ana from Ana Goes Green to the Weleda Insight Day last Saturday at their headquarters in Derby. I’d used a couple of their products before and was impressed but didn’t know much about the brand, so I excitedly signed up.

In the morning we got to go on a tour of their 13 acre biodynamic gardens, where they grow a lot of the plants that are included in their medicines. The plants that are used in the cosmetics are mainly grown in their European gardens, as they are needed in much bigger quantities.

Weleda Insight Day Gardens

Weleda Insight Day Moth Mix

Weleda Insight Day Plant

This was my favourite part of the day – even though it was a little drizzly to begin with (typical British summertime!). We were shown around by Claire, the head gardener, who shared her extensive knowledge about all the plants that grow there. Being a biodynamic garden means that instead of just looking at the soil, Weleda look at the nature around the area too. For example, Claire told us about how they even take into consideration the cycle of the moon when growing the plants. My witchy side was in her element! I really appreciate how Weleda are trying to get back to the root (no pun intended) of growing natural, healthy plants and taking inspiration from how our ancestors would have worked, before the world became industrialised. There are so many amazing plants in the gardens and Claire was really knowledgeable about their properties and how they are used in the products. The site also has wildlife living there which is encouraged by Weleda and they work closely with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

Weleda Insight Day Wildflower Meadow

Wildflower Meadow

Weleda Insight Day Calendula

The infamous Calendula Plant

Weleda Insight Day Calendula Plant

After lunch – which was a gorgeous vegetarian spread with the most delicious quiche I’ve ever tried – we had a talk from Jayn Sterland, the MD of Weleda, all about the Cleaner Beauty campaign and what it means to Weleda. You may have seen the post I wrote here for the campaign. Jayn spoke to us about how much our routines have changed over the last 30 years, going from maybe having one bath a week to showering everyday, and the effect that has on our bodies and the environment, along with Weleda’s holistic approach to beauty in every aspect of the company. Jayn’s speech really inspired me to look into the ingredients in my products and take more notice of what I’m putting on my skin.

Weleda Insight Day Bee Hive

Bee Hive

Weleda Insight Day The Bee Shed

Weleda Insight Day Oat Field

Oat Field

After Jayn’s talk we had another talk all about the difference between plant oils and mineral oils, by Evelyn. The one thing that I think I will always remember from this is that mineral oils are dead and plant oils are living. That may be obvious to some of you already and you’re probably saying “well duh Kayleigh!” but I’d never really thought about it like that before. It makes much more sense to put plant oils on your skin that are going to work with your skin and penetrate the top layers and get to work, than putting mineral oils on which are just going to sit on top of your skin and only create the appearance of working. We then tried two different oils, one contained mineral oil and the other was Weleda’s Stretch Mark Massage Oil (which I’ve completely fallen in love with and am going to pick up on payday) and the plant oil sunk into my skin within minutes – and smelt amazing! – whereas the mineral oil just sat on top of it and created a barrier – and smelt a bit funky! We were then shown a slide with a few processes of how oils were used in Weleda’s products.

Weleda Insight Day Oils

To end the day we were taught how to do a hand massage with the Weleda body oils. This was a fun workshop and I enjoyed using the oils on the lovely Helen from Natural Beauty With Baby, although I fear I wasn’t that good at it. Sorry Helen! We got given a guide on how to do it at home though, so I’m going to try and practice more and maybe even try to get Anthony to learn how to do it on me too!

We were given an amazing goody bag to end the day, which I dived straight into when I got home and we also got to visit the shop too. It was so great to be able to test all the products before buying and I finally settled on the Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion. I’ve used it every day this week and my skin feels so much better already!

You can find out more about Weleda and their products on their website www.weleda.co.uk

I had so much fun at my first blogger event! I learnt so much about the brand and also met some lovely bloggers too. Thank you so much to Weleda for having me and to Susie for organising everything for the day. Also a special thank you to Ana who invited me 🙂 . Here’s hoping I get another opportunity to visit in the future.

Kayleigh x

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