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My Natural & Organic Beauty Journey – 1 month update

I didn’t have a lot to go in my monthly musings this month, so I thought I’d do a 1 month update of my clean beauty switch instead. It’s been exactly a month today that I pledged to go green with my beauty routine and I’ve learnt a lot already, so I thought I’d update you and share my thoughts so far.

1. Finding new products and brands is so much fun.
I’ve been trawling through my favourite natural & organic beauty blogs and have been compiling a list of must haves. I’ve discovered some amazing new brands that I can’t wait to get my little paws on and try out. I wouldn’t have necessarily come across these brands before, as I wasn’t looking for them but now I’m making the effort to find some great new gems. The products all have clean ingredients, have such pretty packaging and work wonders and I’m so looking forward to finding some new favourites. I just want to buy it all! At least it’s exercising my patience though, as I only have so much money to spend each month and I have to choose wisely!

2. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you want really good ingredients you’ll often pay more.
There are a lot of brands out there that sell cheap, clean beauty products that are good quality. But I’ve also seen some amazing products, with great ingredients that aren’t so cheap too. I’ve found that products that are rich in oils and don’t have a filler (like water) in tend to be more expensive, because the ingredients are more concentrated. This is fine by me as I’d rather pay more for a more concentrated product but it does mean I’ll end up spending more on products overall. I’m not complaining though, as it’s my personal choice!

3. My skin is much clearer, but after a detox!
When I first changed all my products I had a major breakout. I hadn’t changed my diet, was still drinking the same amount of water, still exercising and just generally living the same as I had been, so I put it down to my new products. I had added a few new products in at the same time (bad blogger I know, but I couldn’t resist!), so I thought it might be one of those. However, after a quick google I found that a lot of people have had the same thing happen when they switched to natural and organic products. It’s to do with your skin having a purge of the exisiting chemicals apparently and should clear up after a couple of weeks. I decided to just stick with it and lo and behold my skin did clear up just like people said it would. Since then it’s been so much clearer than before and I’m super impressed with it.

4. It can be frustrating.
So you’ve found a new product that does exactly what you’re looking for and sounds perfect. Then you look at the ingredients list and realise that right at the bottom it has one nasty chemical in it! Such a let down. Then you have to start looking all over again 😦 . Urgh! It does take a lot more time to find products that are right for you as there is so much more to look at now, but it’s worth it in the end when you have a great new product that’s amazing for your skin! Just don’t give up hope because it’s more effort.

5. Everyone’s criteria is different and you have to discover your own.
I’ve noticed that different people have different ingredients that they want to avoid for different reasons. For example, pregnant ladies need to avoid certain ingredients that are perfectly fine for ladies who aren’t pregnant. Some people have reactions/allergies to some ingredients even though they’re natural. It all depends on your skin and everyone is different. It will take time to try some different ingredients and see how your skin reacts and what it prefers, but that’s all part of the process.

Overall, I am really enjoying my clean beauty journey and I’m learning so much. It’s really encouraged my interest in beauty in general and I’m actually taking a course with Shaw Academy on Personal Beauty at the moment. I’ve only done one lesson so far but I really enjoyed it, so I’m very excited for the next ones. I might even do a post on the course once I’m finished and let you all know what it’s like. Switching to natural and organic products is the start of something new for me and I’m excited to see how it develops. I’ve been loving reading everyone’s Plastic Free July posts and that’s the next step I want to take with my routine – I’ve bought some soaps to replace my body wash and face cleanser (that one is a proper facial soap!) and I want to invest in some reusable cotton pads next month too. I’ve already had a bamboo toothbrush and a safety razor for a few months now, so it’s time to branch out to things like refillable make up next. I have a feeling that the new few months will be very exciting!

Kayleigh x

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