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August Monthly Musings

August has been a pretty busy month. We’ve had a couple of trips this month, which was so nice as they’ve been a nice break away for us this year. It was also my mum’s birthday and we went out for a meal with my mum and dad, which was also lovely. I’ve also had some great news this month, which you’ve probably already seen by now but I’ve shared again below too!

Weekend in London

At the beginning of August we went to London for a couple of days. We decided before we went that we would just potter round this time and do a bit of shopping and have a nice meal. Which is exactly what we did and it was bliss. Whenever we’ve been to London before we’ve always had things planned and had to rush around to fit it all in, but it was so nice this time to have nowhere to go. Although our busiest weekend will probably always be my favourite 😉 . We grabbed a Subway and sat in Russell Square for a couple of hours before we went to our hotel, as the weather was absolutely beautiful both days. We had a lovely meal at Pizza Express that night, with quite a bit of alcohol(!) and the next day we visited some shops. Anthony went in the Element store and picked up some jeans that were half price. Forbidden Planet was also on the list to visit, which is their biggest store I think, and I picked up some cute Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise 🙂 . Luckily as we came out of Forbidden Planet, Anthony spotted The Astrology Shop across the road and I had to go in – I picked up some new tumblestones and they’ve become my favourites so far! I also wanted to visit Content Beauty, as it’s their only store in the UK and it didn’t disappoint. I managed to colour match a lot of products that I can’t find in person anywhere else and I also picked up some Kure Bazaar nail polishes. We finished our trip by having a couple of drinks in All Bar One and then visiting the National Art Gallery because it was right at the back of our hotel (we’ve been before but it was nice to go again), to kill some time before our train home. It was such a brilliant couple of days of just relaxing and taking some time away together.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Re-Designing My Wardrobe

We’ve been hooked on Mad Men this month and we’re on season 5 already! It’s re-ignited my passion for the 1950’s (I know it’s set in the 60’s but the fashion is very similar to the 50’s in the first couple of seasons as it’s the early 60’s!) and I’ve become completely obsessed again. The 50’s has always been my favourite era and I love everything about it – the fashion especially. I feel like my body shape suits 50’s fashion a lot more and I’m going to try and incorporate more bits into my wardrobe. I’ve ordered a couple of bits this month and I’m going to start thrift shopping and trawling through ebay and depop to see if I can find some bargains. In fact, I managed to pick up some Lulu Hun shoes for £13 on ebay yesterday! Let’s hope I can find some more bargains like that 🙂 . I just need to find the confidence to go out in 50’s dress now and not care what people think!

Weleda Cleaner Beauty Blogger Competition

I won the Weleda Cleaner Beauty Blogger Competition! I am so proud of myself, as it’s the first competition that I’ve won where I’ve been judged on my work. I worked really hard on that post too, so it’s always nice when hard work pays off. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up and continue to grow my blog for the rest of the year (and beyond that!). I wrote a short post about my win here if you’d like to read more about it.

Anthony and I also had our tattoos finished this month by the lovely Hannah Westcott, but I haven’t managed to get a good photo of mine yet to show you all. I promise I’ll do it soon! What have you all been up to this month?

Kayleigh x

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