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Am I Too Young For Anti-Aging Skincare?

I’m 27. A couple of months ago I received an intriguing product from Love Lula to test out and it got me thinking about whether I should be starting to use anti-aging products. I’ve always been aware of anti-aging skincare – the adverts on TV always show gorgeous ladies, usually over the age of 60, advertising some sort of cream or serum. They all look absolutely amazing and it definitely makes me think that they must take good care of their skin. But then I got to thinking that they must have always taken good care of their skin, or maybe had a bit of a helping hand later on! Surely starting to use the products at 60 is going to be too late, as the damage is already done? Anti-aging product adverts are definitely aimed at older people, which probably isn’t the best age gap really as it’s all about prevention with anti-aging. Looking after our skin when we’re younger will help us much more than trying to reverse the signs later in life. With this in mind I dived in to trying out my first anti-aging product.

Dafna’s skincare was created by Dafna in 2008 to provide products for specific needs of customers. They specialise in using high concentrations of active ingredients and advanced biotechnology to give your skin visible results. In 2014 Dafna collaborated with scientists to create an anti-ageing line based on Ayurvedic philosophies – the DR2 line. It’s from this line that the product I’ve been testing has come from. The Anti-Aging & Glow Serum * was kindly sent to me to try and it was this product that inspired me to write this post. It contains 11 active ingredients, including chicory root oligosaccharides which helps boost collagen production to improve the skin’s elasticity and have a tightening effect on the skin. It also includes Rosehip and Olive oils to nourish the skin and Hyaluronic Acid to increase hydration levels.

I’ve been using the Anti-Aging & Glow Serum * for several weeks now. I like to use it at night underneath my moisturiser instead of an oil. I’ve found that it’s made my skin much more supple and much more radiant. When I wake up in the morning my skin is clear and glowy and it actually makes me sad that I have to do my morning routine and wash it all away! As for the anti-aging claim, well it’s always hard to tell with this. You can’t measure whether it will help with anti-aging unless you were to maybe use it on half your face for 20 years and not use it on the other side, but then your face would look really young on one side and wrinkled on the other (if it worked) and that’s not going to be easy to fix! Anti-aging properties aside though, this is still such a lovely serum. It’s a white serum, so feels more like a light cream than a traditional serum, but I personally like that as I find it easier to handle and ensure that it’s spread evenly over my face. It’s not drying like other serums I’ve used, which is probably why I haven’t really focused on serum’s before now. This one has definitely changed my mind.

Dafnas Serum Swatch

After some research the general outlook is that once we hit 30 we should start thinking about anti-aging products. However, I have a couple of friends who already had the beginning of crow’s feet before they turned 30. Other factors also need to be taken into account, such as smoking, wearing sunscreen and genetics, but regarding skincare I don’t see the harm in starting before 30. Obviously if you’re still a teenager then I wouldn’t suggest using them but once we’ve developed into adults, then I’d say start as soon as you feel the need. And as a little disclaimer I would just like to say that no one NEEDS to use anti-aging products at all. If you want to own your wrinkles and laughter lines then that’s amazing. Also there’s nothing to say that using non anti-aging skincare won’t help your skin to stay youthful too. Personally I’m all for growing old gracefully, but if I can delay the process a little then even better 🙂

If you do want to use anti-aging products though then the way I look at it is what’s the harm in starting now? Surely the earlier I start the more I can prevent and really that’s what it’s all about: preventing aging, not trying to fix it once it’s already happened. In conclusion anti-aging products are definitely something that I’m going to keep in my routine from now on. I’m so glad that I got to try Dafna’s Anti-Aging & Glow Serum as it’s alerted me to anti-aging skincare and it’s been a great starting point for me. I’m intrigued by some of their other products from the DR2 line now, so I’ll be looking into them soon too.

What age do you think we should start using anti-aging products?

Kayleigh x

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