Evening Skincare Routine
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My Evening Skincare Routine

A couple of weeks ago I told you all about my morning skincare routine and today is all about my evening skincare routine. It’s different from my morning one as I focus on making sure my make up and any dirt from the day is removed and then giving it some nourishment, so that it can really replenish overnight.

I start out by removing all my make up with the Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion *. I use this to remove my eye make up too, although I do need to make sure that I really massage it into my lashes well – otherwise I end up with panda eyes! Depending on how much of a rush I’m in I’ll either wash the cleanser straight off with water or if I have a little more time I’ll use a flannel and give my skin a little exfoliation too. For my second cleanse I use the Skin Owl Peppermint & Charcoal Beauty Bar. This bar has been amazing for my skin. I love how clean it makes my skin feel without being at all drying and since using it my skin has cleared up a little too.

The next step is the Joik Refreshing Facial Toner with Aloe and Sea Buckthorn Oil *, which I mentioned in my morning routine. I do like this but as mentioned before I’m not sure I’ll repurchase this again once it runs out. After a sweep of the toner I’ll reach for either the Dafna’s Anti-Aging & Glow Serum * or the Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil *. More often than not it’s the Dafna’s Serum which makes my skin look so fresh and radiant the morning after. I did a post on it here, if you’d like to read my full review. If I feel like I need something more nourishing then I’ll choose the Weleda oil, which is a lovely lightweight oil that sinks in quickly. This never fails to get rid of any dry patches that I have and leaves me with super smooth skin.

For my evening moisturiser I like to use the Neal’s Yard Remedies Vitamin E & Avocado Night Cream * It’s quite a thick moisturiser, but not too heavy on the skin. It’s such a lovely experience to use this, as it smells divine and it’s really luxurious to use. It takes a little while to sink in but I personally like that from my overnight moisturiser, as it can work whilst I sleep. I always wake up with glowing skin the morning after using this. As two last steps I use the PHB Ethical Beauty Anti-Aging Eye Gel with Organic Argan & Rock Rose * and the Lucky Cloud Skincare Vanilla Lip Butter, just before I get into bed. Can’t forget those parts!

And that’s it. I love this routine – it makes my skin soft, smooth, glowy and settled (no redness!). I’m actually thinking that I might not have to swap out too many products for winter, as this is quite a nourishing routine anyway, but I’ll see how it goes. This has probably been one of the happiest I’ve been with my skincare routines and I love how both my morning and evening skincare routines work in harmony with each other, to leave me with gorgeous skin.

Kayleigh x

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