Winter Hand Saviours
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Winter Hand Saviours *

As you will all probably know by now I have really dry skin. In the winter it gets even worse, so I need to make sure that I remember to use my moisturisers. I’m terrible at moisturising anything other than my face, so I’ve been keeping my body lotions and hand creams within easy reach over the last few weeks so that it’s not too much of a chore to do. I’ve recently found a couple of lovely hand creams, so today I’m going to share them with you.

Alteya Certified Organic Moisture Dew Hand Cream *

The first thing I noticed about this was the smell – it’s very strong. I like the smell of rose products usually but this one smells a bit more like really strong potpourri – it reminds me of an old fashioned rose scent if that makes sense. If you’re not a fan of strong smells I would avoid this, but if you can get past the smell then it is a really lovely hand cream. It does take a little while to sink in, but once it has you’re left with lovely smooth hands. There’s no greasy feeling and the smell does wear off after 10 minutes or so. It comes in quite a big white squeezy tube, making it perfect for travel and I’ve been carrying this around with me in my bag and re-applying it every few hours. After using this every day for the past several weeks my hands are in great condition.

The Handmade Soap Company Lavender Rosemary Thyme & Mint Hand Cream *

This is such a cute little pot! The packaging is adorable and I love how it looks on my bedside table. It stays on my bedside table all the time, as it’s not very travel friendly, and I use it every night before bed. Once again this has quite a strong smell – I think it smells a little bit like celery and personally I would have liked it to smell a little bit more like lavender, but I still like it and it wouldn’t put me off repurchasing. This is still a cream but it’s a little bit thicker than the Atleya cream, making it perfect for night time. It sinks in overnight and then by the morning I’m left with super soft hands and no soreness at all.

These two creams together are a perfect duo. They keep my hands soft and supple all day and night and my skin hasn’t been dry or cracked in weeks. It’s so important to look after your hands in winter, as they are the parts that are exposed to the cold the most. I always try and wear gloves as much as possible in the winter to protect them even more. You can pick both of these up from Love Lula for under £12 each. Have you got any hand creams that you swear by?

Kayleigh x

*This post contains products that were sent to me free of charge. The company has provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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