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PHB Ethical Beauty’s New Skin Perfector Bio-Gel / AD

This post contains gifted items from PHB Ethical Beauty which have been marked with *. The company has provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

PHB Ethical Beauty have been a brand that I’ve admired for quite some time. In fact I’m pretty sure that their mascara (which I reviewed here back in 2015!) was my first ever green beauty purchase, after asking around on Twitter for recommendations a few years ago. I still love their mascara! Hence when they emailed me at the beginning of the month about a partnership, I was pretty happy and excited to say the least! I jumped at the chance and excitedly awaited my first product to try.

PHB Ethical Beauty was founded in 2012 after 2 years of research, testing and perfecting product formulas. In 2010 Rose Brown and her partner John Tierney worked in a cosmetics store with John’s mum Sally. Working there opened their eyes to what was really in the products they were selling – petrochemicals, pig fat, crushed insects and carcinogens. They started to research alternative products, but after not being able to find what they were looking for they decided to ‘be the change they wanted to see’ and create their own products. Since then the family run company has grown to include Moms, Dads, Aunties, Brothers, Sisters & close family friends too!


PHB Perfector Bio Gel 3

PHB stands for Pure, Handmade, British. Their 100% natural skin, body and haircare ranges are all hand made in the South of England, ensuring that extra love and care goes into them too. The cosmetics range is manufactured at their sister facility in Canada by a team of experts in formulating 100% nautral and vegan cosmetics. Most of their packaging is recyclable including their aluminium lids, PET Bottles and Glass Jars. PHB also believe in giving back to the community and donate 20% of net profits to charity to help improve the lives of people and animals in the UK and around the world. They have also launched their own charity The OneLove Foundation, which you can find out more about by clicking here.

Over the last few weeks PHB Ethical Beauty have launched four new premium, natural and vegan skincare ranges: Superfood, Gentle Skincare, Balance Skincare & Brighteners. The new ranges focus on offering a unique blend of nature and science. They feature the purest and most potent plant-based ingredients and many of them are also organic. They are of course cruelty free, vegan and pal oil free, along with all PHB’s products. The packaging has been upgraded to gorgeous eco-luxe packaging, bringing a super luxurious look to your dressing table.

I was very lucky to be able to try the Skin Perfector Bio-Gel with Aloe, Rose and Sea Buckthorn * from the new range. I had a choice from the two new bio-gels and I chose this one because my skin suffers from redness and it also love Sea Buckthorn, so this one seemed like a better match. It includes soothing aloe vera and pure rose oil to encourage cell regeneration and calm redness – one of things I need the most in my products. I wouldn’t say my skin is quite at the roseacea stage, but it does turn out pretty red around my nose and cheeks when left to it’s own devises. This bio-gel also includes antioxidant rich seed oil and bright orange sea buckthorn berries (where the colour comes from!) which both help to speed up the healing process of the skin. This is great for acne sufferers, as it will help to heal any scarring.


PHB Perfector Bio Gel 2

I’ve been using this for around 3 weeks now, morning and night. The area where I have noticed the biggest difference is on my scars. I had a little breakout at the beginning of February (and a couple of spots since) typically just after I’d written this post(!) and was left with angry red marks on one cheek and my chin. These always take a while to disappear but they have healed much quicker now I’ve added the bio-gel into my routine – they started to fade just after a week of using this and only took 2 weeks to fully disappear. For someone who usually has scars for around a month this is a pretty big improvement and I’m super happy with this!

As for my redness this has improved too. I can’t say that the reduction in my redness is solely due to this product as I’ve also been using another one alongside this, but I was using the other product for a few weeks before this one and I’ve seen an improvement since adding this one in. The one thing that I do struggle with is that it pills sometimes. It depends on what other products I use underneath and it doesn’t do it all the time, but I do have to be careful when I use it in the mornings as then I have to make sure all the pills are off before doing my makeup. The gel is such a lovely texture though and does sink in and dry really quickly.

The new Skin Perfector Bio-Gel has been a welcome addition to my routine. Me and my skin have been enjoying this very much and I love that it’s healing my skin so well. I think I’m going to change to using this just at night, instead of morning and night and then I can always add a morning use in if I have any really bad breakouts. I’d recommend this if you have blemishes or redness, as personally it’s really helped my skin. If you’d like to try it I have a discount code for you that will get you 20% off your first order at PHB Ethical Beauty: BLOVE20. Let me know if you pick anything up and what you think!

Kayleigh x

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