Coventry’s First S/S Fashion & Beauty Event

A couple of weeks ago I went to the first Spring Summer 2019 Beauty & Fashion Event in Coventry. It was organised by the lovely Emily at Coventry Bloggers and a few of us Coventry Bloggers were invited along to see what the new season will bring. I thought I’d show you my favourite stores from the night and what to expect from them.

This is the one that most surprised me. M&S were situated right in the middle at the back of the hall and had set up a gorgeous outfit that caught my eye immediately. I love the mix of a classic blazer and a pop of colour from the yellow trousers. Add in a pink bag and you get a nice pastel colour clash. This would be perfect if you had drinks with the girls straight after work. One of their main focuses this season is high end dupes for less. The pink and black patent shoes channel Chanel but for a fraction of the price. If you like the high end designs but not the price point then definitely check out M&S this season. M&S is somewhere that I wouldn’t think to shop for clothes, but after seeing their new items I’ll definitely be popping in to see what I can find.

I’m usually not a huge Topshop fan as they are pretty expensive and being a size 12/14 I don’t always find a lot in there for me, but I was pleasantly surprised by their new styles. For them it’s all about the shorts and cowboy boots – apparently this will be a big trend this summer. I love how trends are just a continuous cycle that will always come back around. I remember in the 90s when shorts and cowboy boots were a huge trend and now 20 years later it’s back! I was also drawn to the suits that the Topshop girls were wearing, as I do love a nice suit. Unfortunately Topshop left before I could take a photo, so I don’t have any photos of their clothes!

Milk Vintage Clothing

Milk Vintage Clothing Skirts

Milk Vintage Clothing
I love a good vintage piece and fell in love with several pieces from Milk Vintage Clothing. I like shopping for classic vintage pieces that will always be in style, no matter the recent trend. These two skirts I found were gorgeous and I could style them in so many different ways depending on the season. With a lot of vintage clothing you just have to be in the right place at the right time to find that special piece that you’ve been looking for, but it’ll be worth the wait in the end.

Debenhams Shirt

Debenhams Trousers

I fell in love with these pieces from the Debenhams showcase and I can easily see myself in that black and salmon striped dress with some strappy sandals on a summers day (let’s hope we get a nice summer this year!). I also loved these green cropped trousers. Debenhams is somewhere that I don’t really think to look for clothes, like M&S, but this showcase has opened my eyes to what they can offer me.

There was also a Beauty room with loads of big brands like Dior, Benefit and Clarins. I had a quick look round and it was interesting to see the makeup trends for summer – lots of highlight and dewy skin. I didn’t pay much attention to the actual products, as I only use natural products now, but it was nice to see so many brands turn up to the event. The beauty room seemed like a huge success and was always super crowded whenever I looked in.

It was such an honour to be invited to the first Spring/Summer Fashion & Beauty Event in Coventry and I’d say it was a huge success. It was so interesting seeing the upcoming trends and it was also great to network with some brands. I also saw quite a few of my blogger pals and I met some new faces too. Such a lovely way to spend a Monday night. Thanks for having me!

Kayleigh x

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