Samsung Galaxy S10

Wellness workshop with Samsung and Suhaiyla Shakuwra

Last week I was very kindly invited to a Wellness workshop with Samsung and Suhaiyla Shakuwra at Fargo Village. It was to try out the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and to see some of the new features it has. When we arrived we were offered some herbal teas and I chose the Root Blend. It was actually really tasty and I could of drank a gallon of it easily!

Root Blend

Once we’d all been welcomed we were then given a Galaxy S10 to have a play with and were shown how to use the camera. I actually had a Samsung phone before my iPhone, so sort of knew how to operate it already. The new Galaxy S10 has a 6.1” edge to edge display, multiple cameras and an ultra-wide lens, amongst other features. It has a Scene Optimiser function that recognizes photo surroundings and automatically enhances the quality of the images. You can read more about the S10 here. We were specifically trying out the camera in our workshop and I’ve included some of the photos I took in this post for you, so you can see the quality. I was really impressed with the quality of the pictures and that was without me optimising any settings myself. I’ve denoted them by putting Samsung S10 underneath the ones that were taken on that phone and I haven’t edited these photos either, so that you can see the raw pictures. In fact, I haven’t edited any of the photos in this post so that you can see the difference between the S10 and the Apple iPhone 8.

Samsung Crystal
Samsung S10

We started off with a guided meditation from Suhaiyla. We all took our seats on comfy pouffes and were all given a clear quartz crystal. We learnt how to channel our energy into the crystal and programme it to ourselves too. Then we were instructed to close our eyes and breathe to counts. This is actually much harder than it sounds! I struggled making my breaths last as long as Suhaiyla‘s counts at first, but by the end I’d gotten much better at it. I’ve tried meditation before at home but it’s much different trying to learn it yourself. I think I might download a guided meditation app and try to do it more often at home. With Suhaiyla guiding us we explored our mind by her asking us questions and getting us to focus on certain aspects of our emotions. It was a very relaxing experience and brought to the surface some underlying feelings that I wasn’t aware I had! It definitely left me with something to think about!

Samsung Jewellery Making
Samsung S10

After the meditation we then moved onto jewellery making! This was so much fun! Suhaiyla talked us through how to make a ring with beads and wire. She went through step by step with us and we followed her instructions. I found it pretty hard but Suhaiyla was a great teacher and was really patient with us if one of us got stuck. There were also a couple of her associates around to help us out too, which was really good, as a few of us needed help at some point! I really enjoyed the jewellery making and even though I wish my ring had turned out better I’m still really proud of my first attempt! I’ve worn it every day since 😊

Samsung Ring Making Class
Samsung S10

Before we left Suhaiyla showed us a few cool features of the new Galaxy S10. One thing that was pretty cool was that while taking a selfie you can put your hand up instead of pressing a button and it starts a 3 second timer to take a photo. She demonstrated this for us a couple of times and it was really cool. For someone who has quite small hands like me this is a great addition, as I always struggle to either reach the buttons on the side or struggle not to drop my phone using the button on the front!

Samsung Ring and Crystal
Samsung S10

It was a great opportunity to try out the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and have a play around with some of it’s features. I’ve only just changed my phone so I have a while left yet before I change, but I’d consider a Samsung again in the future. I didn’t rate my last one, which was an A5, but I think if you stick with the S series you can’t go wrong really.

Kayleigh x

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