Ivy House Breakfast

Ivy House Have A New Breakfast Menu / AD

This review of Ivy House’s new menu is courtesy of a complimentary menu tasting. The company have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

On Saturday I was kindly invited to try out the new breakfast menu at Ivy House with some of the Coventry Blogger girls. Their new menu has quite a few options to choose from and the best bit is they’re all really cheap too. They’ll be serving breakfast between 10am and 4pm every weekday and 12pm – 4pm on a Saturday. We arrived around 11am and ordered some drinks to get us started. I was a little disappointed that they don’t offer any plant milks, as they’re my preferred milks, but I do drink cows milk if that’s the only option. I ordered a tea and then a latte and they were both nice. The tea came with a little bottle of milk which was a really cute touch! Once we all had drinks, we sat down to take in the menu.

Ivy House Breakfast Menu

I chose the Vegetarian Breakfast and really liked it. It came out in a skillet on a wooden board with toast on the side and beans in a little pot. Seriously how cute is it? The blogger in me loves it when restaurants think about their presentation, as I can take so many pretty pictures – and we all did! I was actually proud of myself for taking lots of pictures and still getting to eat it before it was cold!! It came out piping hot and was still warm once we’d gotten around to sitting down to eat. I think this is probably one of the best veggie breakfasts I’ve had to be honest. Everything included in it was right up my street and it was all cooked to perfection. It was only £3.75, which is so cheap considering how much was included. The ‘sausages’ were really gorgeous and a nice change from normal veggie sausages but I think the description is a little misleading.

Ivy House Vegetarian Breakfast

It says on the Vegetarian Breakfast that you get veggie sausages and I was expecting these to be some sort of fake meat, but they’re not. They’re more of a croquette with what tasted like some sort of cheese, onion and leek filling (I’m not sure if that’s what it is but that’s what it tasted like) which I personally loved and found a nice change. However, I wouldn’t call them sausages. We did ask the server about dairy as one of the group was lactose intolerant and she confirmed that there is cheese in the sausages, so bear this in mind if you do order the Vegetarian Breakfast because it doesn’t detail it on the menu. It does say on the menu to ask for any dietary restrictions though, so I would just check with one of the servers before ordering if you have any allergies.

Ivy House Pancakes

The pancakes for me were the star of the show! I’m trying to be good at the moment with the wedding fast approaching, so didn’t want to order a whole plate of them to myself after eating the Vegetarian Breakfast too, but a few of us girls wanted to try them so we ordered some between us all. They do a Bacon Pancake Stack with maple syrup and they also do a Chocolate Pancake Stack. Both are only £3.50 and you get a tea or coffee with that too. Such a bargain! I dipped straight into the chocolate pancakes of course and oh my goodness, they’re amazing! They have a pretty generous layer of Nutella in between each pancake and another big dollop on top with drizzle too! It’s making my mouth water now just thinking about them 😊. They’re American style, thick, fluffy pancakes and they are FLUFFY! The pancakes themselves are pretty light, but the Nutella makes them very indulgent. They are delicious though and I’d say this is the breakfast to try if you’re going to pay them a visit.

Ivy House Breakfasts

For the prices, the food is excellent and I’d definitely recommend going here if you’re around Coventry town centre in the morning. The staff are all really friendly and the food came out really quickly too, especially as we were a pretty big group. I was very impressed with Ivy House’s breakfast menu and will definitely be going back soon. I’m already dreaming of more Chocolate Pancakes! *drool*

Kayleigh x

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