Dodo Pizza

Dodo Pizza Has Come To Coventry / AD

This review of Dodo Pizza is courtesy of complimentary food. The company have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Dodo Pizza is a new pizza place that has opened in Coventry. For my long time followers you’ll know that I love pizza – it’s my favourite take out food. So when an opportunity came up to try their pizzas then I jumped at the chance of course! Dodo Pizza originally started in Russia and they now have 4 stores in the UK. We were very kindly offered 5 pizzas to try, so we split them over 2 nights (not consecutively!!) and tried a few options. Anthony was helping me to judge and I’ve collected both our thoughts on the pizzas for you below.

First of all they have a great selection to choose from. There are a couple of veggie options and even a couple of vegan options, which is great to see as most mainstream pizza takeouts don’t offer vegan cheese. When picking Anthony did notice that most of them are spicy options, but they are also customisable so that you can remove toppings if you want. For our first order we chose the Veggie Hot, Fiery BBQ and Snobby Mushrooms, which is their signature pizza. Delivery time was really quick – it took 35 minutes form when we ordered it to when it turned up on the door. I also had a text message predicting what time it would arrive and they were earlier than the message said. It’s also pretty cool that you can watch them making the pizzas on the kitchen cam on the website too! These little extras make their customer service much better than the big pizza moguls.

Snobby Mushroom Dodo Pizza

On to the actual pizzas! I must say we were very impressed with them. Being a smaller chain, we didn’t really expect much but both of us said that they were just as good, if not better, than Dominos. They weren’t really greasy and they had nice soft dough, which was light and fluffy. I really enjoyed the Snobby Mushrooms, which is mozzarella, creamy sauce, truffle oil, parmesan and mushrooms – such a different topping for a pizza and very tasty! Anthony said that the meat pizza was really good – the meatballs were soft and not too dry and the meat hadn’t left any greasiness on the pizza. We also paid for a couple of dips with our order and their Garlic Dip is the best dip ever! So creamy and perfect for a hot pizza. The big thing we both noticed about the pizzas is that afterwards it didn’t make us feel sluggish or bloated. Usually I feel overly full and just a bit gross after eating a lot of pizza (although it’s totally worth it!) but this time we didn’t get that horrible feeling. I felt full and content instead.

Veggie Hot Dodo Pizza

For our second order we ordered the Veggie Hot again, my choice, and Anthony chose The Aztec. Once again both pizzas were really tasty and we both enjoyed them. This time the cheese looked a bit different and seemed to have melted differently – with a sort of glazed look about it, but it still tasted just as nice as the others. We did have a bit of an issue this time though. I had clicked pick up instead of delivery by accident when I ordered, so I rang them to ask if they could change it and I was told I was out of the delivery area now because they had to reduce it. The man on the phone was super helpful though and they did deliver it for us this time, which was so brilliant of them, but unfortunately we probably won’t be ordering again as if I’m ordering take away I like to have it delivered. If you’re within their delivery area though, then I would definitely recommend trying them!

Both me and Anthony love Dodo Pizza and I would recommend them to all pizza lovers out there! The Snobby Mushrooms was definitely my favourite one. I’ve noticed that they have quite a few offers on their website too, so it’s definitely worth checking back to see what they’re offering. They also do sides that include Wedges, BBQ Wings and Pepperoni Bombs – I haven’t tried any of them but they look delicious. Next time you’re looking for a takeaway look no further than Dodo Pizza!

Kayleigh x

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