Escape Reality Summer Party

Escape Reality Summer Party / AD

This review of Escape Reality is courtesy of a complimentary event. The company have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

A couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited to the Escape Reality Summer Party with Coventry Bloggers. Escape Reality is situated in Coventry City Centre underneath the Godiva Clock. I had no idea it was there until I got invited to this, so I’m glad that I’ve found it now. They have 8 escape rooms for you to try ranging from 3 stars (easy – supposedly!) to 5 stars if you like more of a challenge and you get 1 hour to escape. There are rooms based on pirates, Jumanji, a haunted doll, an asylum, Jack The Ripper, Alice in Wonderland and many more. They all look super fun and I’ve seen a few that I would like to try! Check out all the rooms and their descriptions here.

When we arrived we were welcomed by the super friendly staff and offered a drink. Once we’d all settled in and had a quick catch up we split into 2 groups and tried 2 escape rooms from the range: Jungala and Tortuga Pirates. I opted for the Tortuga Pirates as I love anything to do with pirates and I’d recently watched Pirates Of The Caribbean too! On my team were Emily from The Emily Chapters and Najma from Najma Kay. We were led to our room by one of the team and given an explanation of the rules and the Health and Safety guidelines. He told us how to use all the equipment and what to expect when we got inside the rooms. It’s pretty cool because you get an iPad to take with you that times you and it interacts with hints around the room when you scan the pictures. You do get time added on to use one of these though, so you have to weigh up whether it’s worth it or not. Then he gave us a bit of a back story – we’d been captured and put in the brigg of our ship and we needed to escape and find Derdrake’s treasure – and sent us on our way.

Tortuga Pirates

I had very mixed feelings to begin with. I was super excited at first, as I love puzzles and I thought I’d be good at it, but that quickly changed to frustration as I realised I wasn’t as good as I thought I’d be! We spent a good 20 minutes in the first section and got stuck, so we had to ring the bell for someone to come and help us. Once we had that initial bit of help though we started to get into the swing of things and it started to be really fun! There were plenty of puzzles and challenges around the rooms and it really gave my brain a workout. I had a great team and we all worked really well together, although I fear that I took over at some points so I’m sorry girls! I just get really excited when I’m solving puzzles. I’m not a loser really, I swear!

I can’t tell you what was in the room or how to solve anything of course because that would be cheating, but for a 3 star room I thought it was pretty hard to be honest. Bear in mind that this was my first time in an escape room though, so I didn’t really know what I was doing to begin with. I feel like I’d be better prepared next time though and I really want to go back and try another one now! One bit of advice I will give you is to look everywhere and use anything and everything you can see. Our guide told us afterwards that if there’s anything you’re not meant to be doing or anywhere you’re not meant to be going they will come and tell you. So keep that in mind when you’re playing, as that’s something that let us down!

Tortuga Pirates Escape Reality

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to escape in the time limit, which was a little disappointing. We were about 10 minutes over and we had a bit of help too! But it was so much fun. It really was a great night and I think it would be great for things like hen/stag dos and birthdays. I’d be really happy if I was taken here for my birthday! If you’re looking for something different to do in Coventry then I’d definitely recommend checking out Escape Reality. There are a few escape rooms in Coventry but this one has the most rooms and the most interesting themes too, as far as I can see from comparing them. I really want to try Murder in Whitechapel next, as I’ve always fancied myself a bit of a detective. Maybe years of watching Miss Marple, Sherlock and Murdoch Mysteries will finally pay off 😊

Kayleigh x

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