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Weleda 30 Day Spring Cleanse / AD

This post contains gifted items from Weleda which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

As you can see from the title of this challenge I’m a little late to publish this post, but I think this can be done at any time of the year when you need a refresh or a fresh start. Long time readers will know that I love Weleda products and have featured them on my blog a few times before – I did a couple of introductory posts to the brand here and here, if you would like to read more about them. So when they got in touch to ask if I wanted to try their Birch 30 Day Cleanse I was pretty excited to accept the challenge.

The Spring Cleanse Collection has been created to awaken our bodies and mind during the Spring so that we’re feeling in top condition for summer. Spring is the time when the days get lighter, plants start growing again and the little baby lambs are born – a time of new beginnings. So what better time to start renewing ourselves for the year ahead too. Although as I mentioned before I think this would be an excellent cleanse for any time of year, for example after an indulgent holiday or after a tough time in life. The Spring Cleanse is all about new beginnings and I wouldn’t say these only happen in Spring.

However, I did choose to do my 30 day cleanse at the end of Spring and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was going to do this post in a diary style of week by week changes, but in all honesty I didn’t see that many gradual changes along the way. I did see an overall improvement at the end of the 30 days though, so I’ll talk you through the steps and then tell you about my experience at the end.

I’m aware that this is called a cleanse and that word sounds pretty scary due to the sort of ‘cleanses’ that are advertised to us today, mainly on social media. But this isn’t any sort of cleansing tea or detox tea that is going to rid your body of everything! This is a gentle cleanse of the inside and outside of the body, with the aim to shake off those winter blues and increase vitality whilst also improving skin tone and radiance.

This spring cleanse is focused on Weleda’s Birch products. They all contain extracts form the Silver Birch, which is a tree that grows in the Czech Republic. Weleda works closely there with a small family firm in South Bohemia. The fresh leaves are handpicked in late spring when the tree is in the strongest vegetative phase of the year. They are then air-dried for five days, before being chopped and the juice being extracted. This is then used in Weleda’s Birch products.

Weleda Birch Scrub

Step 1: Birch Body Scrub

The first step is to shed off your old winter skin and make room for other nourishing products. The Birch Body Scrub * is free from micro-plastics and contains natural waxes instead, which are gentle on the skin and also have zero impact on the environment. It has a lovely citrus scent that helps to wake you up in the shower and help get you started for the day. I have super dry skin on my body, especially on my legs, so exfoliation is something that I really need to keep on top of. It says to use this once a week, but I actually used this 2-3 times a week during my cleanse and it did wonders for my skin. I also get ingrown hairs on my legs and this made a great improvement on them too.

It’s also suggested that you can use the scrub with the Bath Scrunchy * To really get the circulation going and I actually loved doing this. I’m one that likes a pretty intense scrub and the scrunchy added another layer of exfoliation. Dry brushing is also great for improving the circulation and I did this with the Weleda Body Brush * before I stepped in the shower a couple of times a week too.

Step 2: Birch Cellulite Oil

The Birch Cellulite Oil * is a natural massage oil to be used on areas of cellulite. An increase in cellulite can point to a build up of toxins in the body which are stored in the fatty tissue. Birch Cellulite Oil contains organically grown birch, rosemary and active carrier oils to improve the texture of the skin, helped along by stimulating massage. This can also help to support the body in it’s own process of internal cleansing too. It has the same uplifting scent as the scrub, but I find this to be a little bit stronger. It’s a nice fragrance though, that leaves a slight hint on the body throughout the day.

This oil is great at nourishing the skin and also creating a barrier on the skin throughout the day too. It’s perfect for adding moisture back into the skin after sloughing off all those dead skin cells.

Weleda Birch Juice & Oil

Step 3: Birch Juice

I’d never tried birch juice before, so was a little skeptical as I’ve heard mixed things. The Weleda Birch Juice * is definitely an acquired taste. It’s hard to describe but it has a sort of herbally taste to it, which I’m not a huge fan of. I had it in water which was hard the first few days but after a while I did get used to the taste and it just became part of my morning routine. You can also add this to apple juice or yoghurt too. Birch juice aims to gently cleanse your system in order to restore vitality and promote healthy blood circulation. Weleda’s Birch Juice also include a hint of lemon to complete the tonic effect.


After taking the 30 day challenge I did notice a difference in my skin. Usually my body is the part that gets neglected in my skincare routine and this challenge has made me pay much more attention to it. After the first week I found myself scrubbing, moisturising and drinking my tonic as if it was second nature to me and I was quite surprised how easy it was to slip into a new routine.

I can certainly see the effects the dry brushing and exfoliating has had on my skin, as it is much less scaly now and looks so much healthier. My limbs do seem to have a nice radiant glow to them now instead of a lackluster look about them! I felt much more lively and energized within myself too and my body is definitely looking healthier. I did feel less sluggish when drinking the Birch Juice and I think it did make a difference to my energy levels, which I was surprised at.

I couldn’t say which product had the best effect as I really do think that it was the combination of them all. The Spring Cleanse has been a great challenge for me and one that I think I conquered really well. I don’t think I’ll be keeping up with drinking the Birch Juice but I’m really going to try and keep exfoliating and moisturising my body on a regular basis to keep that glowing skin. The 30 day challenge has definitely helped me get summer ready, both inside and out.

Kayleigh x

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