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Making Pretzels with Auntie Anne’s / AD

This review of Auntie Anne’s is courtesy of a complimentary event. The company have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Last Sunday I was very kindly invited to visit Auntie Anne’s in West Orchards to have a go at making my own pretzel. I’ve had Auntie Anne’s pretzels before and they have always been delicious, so I was pretty excited to be invited to this event. The event was in collaboration with Cov Bloggers and it was great to catch up with some familiar faces too.

Once the dough was all prepped for us (we only shaped them, so we didn’t have to worry about them not tasting great!) we were shown how to roll out the dough and shape it into a pretzel. The lovely lady who showed us how was amazing, of course, and made it look so easy but let me tell you now, it was not as easy as it looked! We were shown a couple of times and then let loose on our own. I went 4th so I could watch a few other people first thinking it would help, but I was still rubbish at it! I did manage to make a general pretzel shape, with some help and it turned out okay in the end though. Of course, mine was one of the biggest!

Auntie Anne's Pretzel

When we had all had a go at shaping our pretzels they were put in the oven to cook. While we were waiting we also got to try a Twix pretzel and a Chocolate pretzel. The Twix one wasn’t anything spectacular to me, but the chocolate one was amazing! It had white chocolate and dark chocolate melted inside and it all oozed out as you cut into it. It was a little sickly though, so I probably couldn’t eat a whole one.

Once the pretzels were cooked we chose a topping to add. I chose cinnamon, but there was also vanilla. To add the flavouring you put the pretzel in a dish full of it and then shake it around so the sugary goodness coats the pretzel. This was my favourite part of the process – shaking it around made me feel like I was shaking a maraca! After that we put it in a paper holder and we were done.

Making Pretzels Auntie Anne's

I had so much fun making pretzels at Auntie Anne’s and it was really interesting to see the process. We were all kindly given a little goodie bag too, which had fresh lemonade and some vanilla pretzel nuggets in for us to try. The lemonade was lovely and refreshing and the vanilla nuggets were super tasty. I also bought a savoury pretzel while I was there (cheese and jalapeno) to take home. I shared all my wares with Anthony (extra girlfriend points right there) and he really enjoyed them all too. We both said that the jalapenos were very hot but other than that it was all delicious – especially my handcrafted cinnamon pretzel 😉!

My Auntie Anne's Pretzel

Auntie Anne’s very often have offers on, for example, 2 pretzels for £5 so it’s definitely worth checking them out if you’re around West Orchards. They make a great midday snack. There is also an Auntie Anne’s at the Ricoh Arena too if you’re closer to that side of town. AND you can order them on Uber Eats now too. So wherever you are, you can always get your fix of pretzels!

Kayleigh x

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