Basement Browns Individual Pizzas

Basement Browns Pizza in Coventry / AD

This review of Basement Brown’s is courtesy of a complimentary event. The company have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Basement Browns is a pizza place situated on High Street in Coventry town centre. It’s pretty tucked away amongst the banks and building societys and I must admit that I’d never heard of it before I was invited along to try something from their menu with the Cov Bloggers.

The place itself has a very rustic and cool vibe about it – a great place to grab a spot of lunch with some friends. The staff are really friendly and are on hand to answer any questions you have too.

Kayleigh at Basement Browns

There are so many options on the menu to choose from including separate vegan and gluten free menus too. I chose the Veg-A-Luigi Individual pizza, a side of sweet potato fries (my favourite) and a bottomless drink that you can refill yourself. I was super impressed with the Veg-A-Luigi option as it includes vegetarian Chicken, vegetarian chorizo and vegetarian sausage. Usually when you order pizzas it’s just vegetable toppings that are available for a vegetarian option, so I was actually really pleased to see some veggie meat options. It made my heart very happy!

And the pizza itself made my tastebuds very happy too! My pizza was delicious. A crispy, stone baked crust with perfectly melted mozzarella and tomato sauce made with tomatoes from Pianura Padana in Italy. The veggie sausage was really tasty but a little bit dry for me unfortunately. However, the chicken was chunky and seasoned to perfection and the chorizo had a lovely spicy flavor to it. In fact Amy from Writing into the Ether actually said it was spicier than her normal chorizo! You can also choose to add additional toppings if you want too.

They also offer vegan cheese, which Emily from The Emily Chapters said was really nice. Much better than some other vegan cheeses she’s had. I always find that the smaller food places cater more for people with allergies and dietary requirements than the big chains do, so I’m always super happy when I find new places like this.

There is such a wide range of variety of toppings and several sizes that you can choose from too. The individual pizzas start at just £4.95 and the family size at £15.00. Much cheaper than some of the big pizza brands out there. There’s also a long list of sides that includes halloumi fries and popcorn chicken! The menu also includes alcoholic drinks (always a bonus for me!) and hot drinks too.

Basement Browns Veg-A-Luigi

I’d definitely recommend checking out Basement Browns if you’re over that side of town. I love that I’m finding so many smaller places to share with you that are off the beaten track and means that you don’t have to end up in McDonalds every time you’re in town. Make sure you get in touch and let me know if you do visit them and what you think!

Kayleigh x

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