Ivy House Burger

New Menu at Ivy House / AD

This review of Basement Brown’s is courtesy of a complimentary event. The company have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

I visited Ivy House back in April to try their breakfast menu (which is divine by the way – you MUST try the pancakes) and when Cov Bloggers put out a call about trying their new lunch menu I jumped at the chance. This is only my second time trying food at The Ivy House but it’s fast becoming a favourite place to eat in Cov.

Ivy House Chicken Salad

It’s situated near the Council House and is pretty accessible from most of town. The place itself has such a cool vibe to it and as soon as you walk in you feel really relaxed and calm. The staff are all super friendly and the service is excellent. Even though there were around 10 of us the food came out altogether and really fast too. The presentation is really rustic and I love that the burgers all come out on wooden serving plates.

The new menu is delicious. You can choose from burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings and even salads. I chose a Falafel & Spinach Burger with chips and a side of onion rings, as I can never pass up onion rings. They’re probably my favourite side! Or maybe garlic bread – I can never say no to that either! Anyway … on to the food.

Ivy House Falafel Burger

My burger was really tasty. It was a tiny bit dry for me, but I always find that falafel is really hard to get just right. With the sauce and salad on the burger though it took the dryness away and made for a pretty gorgeous burger! The chips were amazing! I’m a bit hit and miss with chips – I can take them or leave them really, but when I get good chips I’m obsessed. And these were good chips! It’s making my mouth water just thinking about them. I was also very impressed with the coleslaw too. It’s homemade and the perfect mix of crunchy and creamy. The onion rings were also really good. Not quite as crispy as I usually prefer but still a solid choice.

Ivy House Sharing Platter

We also all shared a sharing platter which included mozzarella sticks, BBQ chicken wings, onion rings, wedges, cheesy garlic bread and breaded chicken. The platters are all around £8 – £10 which is an absolute bargain. We shared this as an extra between about 10 of us and there was still bits left at the end. I didn’t eat the chicken bits, but everything else was rather tasty. My favorites were the mozzarella sticks.

They also offer complete meals, that include drinks for about £7. Mine was £5.75 for just a burger or £6.55 with a drink. At those prices you really can’t go wrong! The food is amazing as well and even though it’s cheap it doesn’t taste cheap (Weatherspoons – I’m looking at you!). It’s a great place to pop in and have a little refreshment before carrying on your day.

Kayleigh x

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