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The Perfect Everyday Smokey Eye / AD

This post contains gifted items from Love Lula which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been making a bit more of an effort with my every day make up for work. I’m not a morning person and I like to stay in bed as long as possible in the morning before I roll out of bed, scrape my hair back in a ponytail, apply a little makeup and run out the door. However, I started to feel a bit plain and like I wanted to make a bit more of an effort so I did! I go through stages throughout the year where I can’t be bothered putting effort in for work and then I’ll go the whole hog for a few weeks – this was one of those transitions.

I wanted to do a smokey eye, but make it quick and with little effort going into it – so I can do it half asleep in the morning! For that I decided I needed 2 colours. An all over base colour and then something slightly darker for the outer edges.

I looked through my stash and I already had the perfect base colour – RMS Beauty Swift Shadow in Tempting Touch 71 *, that I picked up from Love Lula earlier this year. I’ve got 3 RMS Beauty Swift Shadows now and I love every one of them, so I decided to see if Love Lula had one that complimented TT71. I looked through them all and settled on Tempting Touch 76 *, which is one of the darker brown shades.

RMS Beauty Swift Shadows

I like browns for daily looks and they’re always my go to shadows, so it made sense to pick these colours. When TT76 arrived I must admit it was lighter than what I was expecting but it actually worked out well for what I wanted. So onto the look!

I always start by priming my eye lids, especially if I have a light colour to use as they crease really easily on me. Then I apply a generous layer of TT71 all over my lid. I like to use a couple of layers of this and build the colour up to a nice opaque finish. I then swipe a bit underneath my eye too, all the way along the lower lash line.

Then I take TT76 and apply this to the outer corner of the top lid, blending as I go. I then take it up into my crease and about two thirds of the way along towards my inner eye. I keep applying colour little by little and blending it out and along, until I get the desired colour. I also take this underneath my lash line but just in the very outer corner – about a quarter of the way along.

Everyday Smokey Eye with RMS Swift Shadows

This creates the most gorgeous every day smokey eye look. It’s subtle, classy and gives just enough oomph to show that you made a little effort that morning. I like to add black kohl to the upper lash line and the outer corner of the lower lash line too, just to make my eyes stand out a little more. Then add lashings of mascara too!

It takes me less than 3 minutes to do in the morning, so perfect for people who would rather hit that snooze button one more time, and it really does make a world of difference to my appearance. It’s a pretty basic routine and there’s only 2 products involved but I personally think they’re the best ones sometimes, as anyone can follow along!

Kayleigh x

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