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Love Lula Beauty Box – September Review / AD

This post contains gifted items from Love Lula which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

It’s that time of month again for another Love Lula Beauty Box * review. You know the drill by now. I very kindly get sent these every month and here I share my thoughts on them with you. This month’s was a pretty good box to be honest. A couple of products I wasn’t very excited about at first but have turned out to like them quite a lot!

Emani Midnight Organic Soy Mascara – £18.00

This is the first thing that I reached for when I opened this box. I’ve tried a couple of Emani products before and have been really impressed so I was looking forward to trying this. I love a good mascara and am always up for trying new ones. This one however is not exactly like other mascaras!

This is a mascara/treatment hybrid – which I LOVE! With the wedding coming up in less than 4 weeks (!) I was actually looking for a lash treatment to pick up. I tried lash extensions at my make up trial but they weren’t for me, so I’ve been looking to enhance my own. This creates the loveliest looking lashes and really enhances the length of them, whilst also working to strengthen and nourish them too. This is definitely my favourite product from this month’s box.

Balm Balm Little Miracle Cleanser – £12.00

This is an oil cleanser that is perfect for removing make up. I find that it’s a very smooth oil that rubs into the skin nicely and really works to lift makeup and dirt off the skin. It doesn’t do as well at removing eye make up, but I usually remove this first with some micellar water anyway so that’s not really a problem for me. Face makeup is easily taken off with this and it leaves my skin nice and fresh afterwards.

Oil cleansers are perfect for this time of year as the colder weather approaches, as they don’t dry out your skin. This is a lovely one and perfect for transitioning into the world of oil cleansers, if you haven’t ventured that way before!

Madara Infusion Vert Intense Antioxidant Body Cream – £17.00

Another perfect product for this time of year. Everyone’s skin gets a little bit drier at this time of year and we all need to give our limbs some extra attention. This body cream from Madara is a great way to do this. It’s very moisturising but not sticky and sinks in really quickly, making it perfect to apply in the morning before getting dressed.

I’m terrible at applying body cream, so I’ve promised myself that I’ll apply this every day for the next couple of weeks. That way my skin will be nice and soft for the wedding 😊

Kathleen Natural Tranquil Fields Bubble Bath and Shower Gel – £18.00

I don’t really like our bath at the moment, so don’t have a lot of baths – I can’t wait until we redo the bathroom next year and I can have nice relaxing bubble baths again! So this product I use as a shower gel, instead of bubble bath. I really like this as a shower gel. It doesn’t dry my skin out and feels super moisturising. My favourite thing about this is the scent – it smells like Lavender. I tend to shower at night, so this is the perfect shower gel for me, as it makes me feel really relaxed and calm before bedtime.

Urban Veda Reviving Body Wash Sample

I hate these little sample sachets and always have done. To be honest I probably won’t bother using it! And while we’re on the subject of sample sachets you should check out Bryanna’s post looking at how these sachets are encouraging plastic waste here.

This month’s box was a good one in my opinion. The masacara is the star of the show, but I was also pleasantly surprised by every other product. The shower gel and cleanser I was a little skeptical of at first but actually ended up really liking them both. The only downside was the sample sachet, but you get those in every box so it’s expected. You can buy the Love Lula Beauty Box here and you can save money if you buy the subscriptions in bulk too!

Kayleigh x

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