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My Hydration Heroes for Autumn / AD

This post contains gifted items from Love Lula which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

As the cold weather is returning, my skin is once again changing. Our skin changes all year round for the different seasons and my skin always gets drier in the winter months. Going from heated houses and offices to cold weather outside is always going to play havoc with our skin. So today I thought it was the perfect time to share my hydration heroes with you all, as some of these might come in handy for you too! They’re all available on Love Lula, so if you’re interested you can click on the link and order from there.

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask * – £26.99

I’ve had about 4 of these now and have loved it every time. I always pick one up come the winter and I’ve just picked up this years one! I love that this one includes Manuka Honey that has antibacterial properties to help with blemishes/acne too. Some hydration masks can be a bit rich and cause skin to breakout, so it’s nice to have one that can be used on acne prone skin too.

I always use this as an overnight mask – I never remove it after 10 minutes like the packaging says. I like to give it as long as possible to work, so I put a thick layer on before bed and wake up in the morning with plump, glowy skin. All my dry patches are soothed and my skin never looks better than after a generous layer of this! It’s a must have for hydrating skin and I will be repurchasing this for years to come.

Hydration Heroes 2




Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil * – £18.95

A face oil in the winter is a must for dry skin. Sometimes I like to use them twice a day if my skin is really dry too, although I do find some oils can clog your pores by doing this so be careful. I have a few oils that I like but this Weleda one is super lovely. It sinks in quickly, which makes it perfect for using in the morning and it leaves my skin feeling really soft.

It’s lightweight so hasn’t broken me out yet and I also really like the scent of this. It’s very calming and I find it’s a great option for night time to slather on just before bed and breathe in the lovely aroma. It’s aimed at sensitive skin, so you can be sure that this is a gentle but effective oil. I used this all last winter and it really helped to keep my skin nourished and smooth.

Crazy Rumors Lip Balms * – £3.99 – 4.99

I actually have a whole post planned on the best lip balms in the next few weeks, but my favourite ones from Love Lula are the Crazy Rumors ones. They come in a thousand different flavours – well not actually a thousand, but there are plenty to choose from. They’re soothing on the lips and last a pretty long time before needing to reapply too.

The latest one I picked up was the Pumpkin Spice one and it’s perfect for this season. It reminds me of hot coffee and bonfires! I also love that these are really cheap too, so you can afford to pick up a couple at a time!

Hydration Heroes 3


These are my favourite products to reach for this time of year and they really help with my dry skin problems. If your skin gets dry at this time of year I’d definitely recommend looking into these and giving them a go. Let me know if you do try any and how you get on with them.

Kayleigh x

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